Suicide to Heaven.

I was tired of it. I've finally had enough. This was it. Lindsy and I were going to end it all. One jump and it could all be over. Tears streaming down from our eyes and landing into puddles below us. We held hands. I gave her a tight hug and nodded. "one...." I said as we stepped closer to the edge of the bridge, "two..." Lindsy said as we got closer. One more step. "thr--" we both started to say but someone yelled "STOP!" and yanked me back. I looked over seeing a guy holding back Lindsy. I couldn't tell who they were, all I know is that they had just saved our lives...


19. The Same Old Feeling

Third Person (this won't happen a lot.)


It's been a while. Things have been great. Violet and Niall have made it official and so have Lindsy and Harry. The media is big on it. A lot of the fans support it but a lot of them don't. They're still going strong. Of course things have been hard, but some how they manage to get through it. The tour has started again and we will go from there....




It was the third day of the tour and we get to go with them for the first 20 shows, then we have to unfortunately leave the tour. Eventually we will come back though. The tour has been great so far! These concerts are amazing. At the moment the boys are in the dressing room, getting ready for the concert as 5SOS just finished opening. They were nice guys but I didn't talk to them much. Lindsy and I wandered around the venue. 


I walked outside along with Lindsy to see the fans who didn't have tickets. We liked to give out tickets or help them get in. At least a few anyways. We walked through the crowd with our heads down, sometimes they'd recognize us. I spotted four girls just crying their eyes out. I nudged Lindsy and we walked towards them.


"Hey, whats wrong?" I asked in a nice voice.


"They're fake!! Our tickets were fake!!" One of the girls yelled. You could tell they really loved the boys.


"I'm sorry to hear that. How good were the seats?" Lindsy asked.


"They weren't that good but we didn't care. We just wanted to see them!" The other girl cried. It upsets me to see them like this. I sat down next to the one girl crying the most.


"Well, you see sweetie. We seem to be very close with them and I just so happen to have four floor seat tickets. If you want them?" I say with a small smile. She immediately looked up at me. 


"Seriously!?" She yelled. I nodded and took out four tickets from my jacket, Niall's jacket actually. She screamed and took them from my hand. The hug she gave me was so tight I could barely breath. 


"Thank you! Thank you!" They all screamed and ran to the venue gates to get in to the concert. I loved the smile on the faces of the people. We usually tried to sneak the boys out to meet everyone. Just the things we did for the fans, even though most of the, hated us. 


Speaking of hate, it was back. A lot of it. Since the tour has started the fans have been paying more attention to us since Harry and Niall are mostly spotted with us. I guess they haven't "accepted" us yet. Ni and Harry try to keep us off social media websites but what else is there to do? 


Jeremy and Ally were out of jail actually, since they weren't adults yet. Plus, for some reason, management didn't press charges and released the story as some accident. They don't approve of us either, but Niall and Harry told them to deal with it. 


"Girls, the boys are starting." Paul said as he walked over to us. We nodded and started walking back and as we did so we handed out tickets and such to a few more fans. I hated not being able to let them all in.


We walked out to our spots in the front-side of the crowd to watch them. After a few hours the show was over and we raced backstage to congratulate them. 


"You guys were great!" I yelled as I hugged each sweaty boy.


"as usual." Lindsy added as she hugged them as well.


"What no kiss?" Niall said with a small pout. I smiled at him and gave him a light kiss on the lips. Louis made a disgusted noise and I roll my eyes at him. Louis has really become one of my close friends since being with them. He's kind of like a brother, a good one. Not one like Jeremy. 


"We have a meeting so you two can head back to the hotel and we will meet you there?" Niall asked me and I looked at Lindsy.


"Yeah, sure. We shall be waiting." I smile and give him one quick kiss before Paul took us to towards the doors.


"I'll call you if we take too long!" He yelled down the hall to me. I nodded and we walked opposite ways.


We got into the car and the driver started the drive back. I pulled out my phone, for the first time in a few hours. I hesitantly logged onto twitter again. It's been a while. I scrolled through my mentions.


"@Violet_Anne you're so ugly and fat. Go back to being anorexic!"

"@Violet_Anne WE ALL HATE YOU! DIE!"

"@Violet_Anne Do us all a favor and slit your wrists again?"

"@Violet_Anne You're a failure! You can't even commit suicide right."


They went on and on and on. I could feel the same feeling from months ago all washing over me. I can't do this again. Not again.


"@Violet_Anne You don't deserve Niall."

"@Violet_Anne Niall is too good for you!"

"@Violet_Anne honestly Niall is only dating you because he feels bad for you."

"@Violet_Anne Niall doesn't care about you! HE IS FAKING!"


I bit my lip to keep from crying. I was better, yes, but I wasn't fixed. This, this still hurts. I scrolled through it more. 


"@Violet_Anne I hope Jeremy comes back for you. That way you won't have to be a burden to Niall and maybe he will kill you, and actually succeed." 


"Vi! Vi! we are here." Lindsy said and shook me to get my attention. I looked at her and she gave me a look. The "I know something is wrong" look. I gave her a forced smile and she looked at me disappointed. We got out the car and walked to her hotel room. 


"What is it?" She asked as she closed the door.


"Have you checked Twitter?" I ask her and she shakes her head, "it's full of hate. What if they're right? I'm no good for Niall. He just feels sorry for me. I can't shake the feeling that I'd be better off dead." I whisper and she looks at me nervous.




~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~HEY GUYS! I'M BACK. I KNOW I'M A HORRIBLE PERSON FOR NOT UPDATING AND THERE ARE NO EXCUSES. IM JUST BUSY. BUT SCHOOL IS OVER IN THREE WEEKS AND YAYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO MORE TESTS OR FINALS OR ANYTHING FOR A FEW MONTHS! ANYWAYS, I hope you enjoyed. It was a bit of a filler. I'll be working on the next chapter soon. I promise. I'll also be updating "Just A Kiss" soon too. So yeah. <3 Thanks for everything guys (Also you can keep sending in what you think should happen!!!!!!) I'm not sure if I was sent this idea for the chapter but if I was please comment below and I will IMMEDIATELY edit this and give you 182347320573205% credit! Love you<3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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