Suicide to Heaven.

I was tired of it. I've finally had enough. This was it. Lindsy and I were going to end it all. One jump and it could all be over. Tears streaming down from our eyes and landing into puddles below us. We held hands. I gave her a tight hug and nodded. "one...." I said as we stepped closer to the edge of the bridge, "two..." Lindsy said as we got closer. One more step. "thr--" we both started to say but someone yelled "STOP!" and yanked me back. I looked over seeing a guy holding back Lindsy. I couldn't tell who they were, all I know is that they had just saved our lives...


17. Movie Day



I couldn't believe what he did for her. He got shot. 3 times. He literally took a bullet for her. Most people say they would but not many do. He actually did. He loves her. Like I love Lindsy, but I barely know her. I always wondered if love-at-first-sight was real. Now I know it is. It has to be. I look over and Lindsy is half asleep. I smile to myself. "what?" She asks in her adorable sleepy voice. "nothing." I smiled. "Tell me." she whined. I laughed, "You're just so cute." I flashed her my 'Harry Styles' smile. She smiled back and put her head on my shoulder. 


~~2 days later~~


Niall and Violet are finally out of the hospital. We've had to postpone a whole months worth of dates. But sometimes freak things happen. And this was one of them. Violet was still on crutches and medicine. The wound seemed to have gotten slightly infected somehow so yeah. Plus her body couldn't heal it on its own due to it being weak from her anorexia. Niall was on crutches too. But he only had to use them when he felt pain, which was a lot. He was on pain medication as well. They were said to be perfectly fine within another week or less. We had decided to have a movie day since they were finally out of that place. We went back to our hotel and relaxed. 

"What movie are we watching?" asked Violet.
"Umm... you and Niall choose... after all you were shot.. so.." I replied.

"A comedy!" She yelled back. Niall reached over and grabbed the first movie he saw that was a comedy and handed it to Liam to place in the dvd player. I'm not sure what movie it was because I fell asleep within the previews. It's been exhausting these past few days.


Lindsy's P.O.V

I glanced at Harry who was now asleep n my shoulder, dribbling. I laughed and kissed him on the forehead. He opened his eyes slightly and smiled at me and returned the kiss on my forehead and fell back asleep. I chuckled. I noticed Niall passed out with his head on Violet's lap. She was messing with his hair. 

"I'm hungry." Louis said. The movie was just starting. Hmm. I haven't seen this one.

"Me too." Liam replied. 
"Yeah, up for some pizza?" Zayn asked. We all agreed. Did I mention we were starting to eat more? Well we are! I've missed food but I still feel guilty when I finish eating. They basically got us under watch after we eat for obvious reasons. Harry tells me everyday that I'm beautiful and that I'm worth it. He's such a sweetheart. Liam, Louis, and Zayn got up to go get some pizza from the pizza place down the road from our hotel. 
"Don't forget the security!" Violet told them. 
"Oh yeah!" Lou said sarcastically, "I forgot." A few of the guys went with them. 

Now it was just me and Vi and a sleeping Niall and Harry. We laughed at each other.



I felt Violet laugh and I smiled. I didn't open my eyes though. 
"How'd we get so lucky?" Violet said. I wonder who she is talking to.

"I don't know." Lindsy.

"We were going to kill ourselves Linds. Then suddenly our whole lives changed. And not how we expected it to. We thought it would change by ending, but it didn't it got better..." I could hear the smile on Violet's face.

"I know... What Niall did for you... Vi, he got shot! Three times! For you. That. That is true love. He loves you." Lindsy told Violet. It's true. I love her.

"Harry loves you too. You know he would've done the same thing for you. He loves you a lot Lindsy." Violet replied.

"I know. I love him too. I just." Lindsy sighed mid-sentence, "I just don't know what we did."

"What do you mean?"

"To get all this...?"

"That's the thing. I always told you, it gets better..."

"Then why did we try to kill ourselves... countless times?"

"I'm not sure babe... I don't know. Everything happens for a reason... I guess this... them... they're the reason, if none of that happened we wouldn't know them..." Violet paused. "If we never knew them Niall wouldn't of been shot... they wouldn't of missed multiple shows... they wouldn't of delayed the whole tour....If I never knew you.. you wouldn't have tried to kill yourself that night..." Her tone changed.

"Vi, what.. no.. don't be crazy. Like you said everything happens for a reason! Remember? We were just talking bout how happy we are and how great things are!" Lindsy attempted to cheer her up. 

"Linds, Niall.. he was shot... because of me!" 

"You guys already talked about this didn't you?"

"Yes... but it doesn't help. I know he loves me and I love him, but I just can't help but think he is better without me." I couldn't hear this anymore. I turned my head and looked at her from her lap. She looked down at me. 

"Never say that again... okay?" I told her.

"You were listening?" She asked.

"uh.. yeah... I'm sorry.." I told her.

"Niall! Why didn't you say you were awake? You just eavesdrop on our conversation?"

"No.. yeah.. but it's not like that. I woke up when you laughed and I heard you talking about how happy you are and I was going to go back to sleep when I heard you talking about all this stuff." At this point I was sitting up and looking at her. She just looked at me. "I'm sorry Vi. I really am, but please just listen to me. None of that is true. Well it's true. Yeah I wouldn't be shot and the tour wouldn't be delayed but none of that even matters because I have you. I don't care if I was shot! I would've died out there if I had to for you. No one is more better for me than you. Violet, I wouldn't be better off without you. I wouldn't be as happy a s I am now. I wouldn't be sleeping on my loves lap. I love you Violet." I then kissed her. She kissed back and I smiled and pulled away. "You." I said.

"I love you too.... and okay." She hugged me. The door opened. 
"PIIIIZZZZAAAAA!!!!!" Louis shouted making Harry jump up. Louis laughed at him. "Woah what'd we miss? What's up with the mooshy hugging thing?" 

"What? I can't hug my lovely girlfriend?" I replied. 

"Ewwww. Get a room!" Lindsy laughed. Violet stuck her tongue out at Lindsy and kissed me. I smiled into the kiss and our lips moved in sync. 
"THAT'S ENOUGH NOW!" Liam laughed and threw a pillow at us. Vi and I laughed and I got up with the help of Zayn. He also helped up Violet. We ate our pizza and finally finished the movie.




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