Suicide to Heaven.

I was tired of it. I've finally had enough. This was it. Lindsy and I were going to end it all. One jump and it could all be over. Tears streaming down from our eyes and landing into puddles below us. We held hands. I gave her a tight hug and nodded. "one...." I said as we stepped closer to the edge of the bridge, "two..." Lindsy said as we got closer. One more step. "thr--" we both started to say but someone yelled "STOP!" and yanked me back. I looked over seeing a guy holding back Lindsy. I couldn't tell who they were, all I know is that they had just saved our lives...


15. Life Threatening..



"Where is he?" I yelled as I ran to the desk. "Darling, are you alright, do you need a doctor?" The front desk lady asked me. "No. I'm fine. Where is he, umm, Niall Horan." He laughed slightly. "I'm sorry darling but we can't tell you." I looked at her confused. "No.. no. I'm not here cause I'm a fan. I'm umm, I'm his girlfriend..." I know I wasn't but it was the best I can think of. "I'm sorry darling, but we can't" She replied. Why doesn't anyone believe me? It's cause I'm not a model or stick skinny. I knocked the glass of water she had on the ground. "Oh, I'm terribly sorry" I said. "It's alright. Are you sure you don't need a doctor you look hurt." She leaned down to clean up the mess. I looked at her computer. She was entering Niall's information. Room 324, floor 3. Surgery on floor 4. 2 bullets to the abdomen. 1 bullet to the chest. I felt fresh tears fall as I read it..... Life Threatening. No. I could lose him... I could lose Niall. I cried harder now. "Sweetie, why are you crying?" I pointed to the screen. I heard yelling down the hall. I ran towards it but collapsed to the ground. A sharp pain went through my leg. I screamed in pain. I pulled up my dress slightly and saw nothing. I got back up using the wall. "Sweetie! Are you alright? I think you need to see someone. OH goodness what happened to your leg?" The lady asked pointing to the back of my thigh. I lifted my dress slightly and saw blood. I'm not sure. I shrugged. I must of not felt it when it happened. "I'm calling a nurse." She said and got a wheelchair for me to sit in. She wheeled me to the desk and picked up the phone. "DOCTOR! HIS PULSE IS DROPPING!" I hear someone yell. "HURRY! GET HIM BACK IN SURGERY!" A man yelled back and ran down the hall past the check in room, where I was. "Ma'am?" I looked at her. "A doctor is on his way to get you. yes?" she turned to me whilst hanging up. "Can you please tell me how Niall is?" I swallowed the lump in my throat. She sighed and checked her computer. She turned to me. "He's in a life threatening condition. His pulse is very weak." She said. I bursted into tears. "So you are really dating Mr. Horan?" She asked. "No, but I love him more than anything..." I replied. "Umm darling, what's your name?" She questioned me. "Violet. Violet Jones. I'm 17 years old and my birthday is on November 23rd. I have no legal guardian." I told her everything she needed to know and the doctor walked in. "This her?" he asked and the lady nodded. He wheeled me to the elevators. "What's the problem love?" He asked me. "I'm not sure, I guess everything." I said. I'm surprised I haven't passed out yet. I felt like I was going to though. He hit the 3rd floor button. 1. 2. 3. It dinged and he pushed me to a room. He helped me sit on the bed. "Alright, so where is the wound?" He asked. I pointed at the back of my thigh. He nodded and asked me if I could lay on my stomach and I did so. He grabbed a sponge and wiped away all the blood and dirt. "It looks like... like a bullet wound." He stated. "Ms. Jones, were you shot?" he asked me concerned. "I don't remember being shot...." I tried to think. The gun went off three times. Right? Think Violet. The gun. When we were running and Brandon shot towards us. I felt a small pain, but I thought it was just from running. "Well sweetie we need to get you to surgery to remove this and get you stitched up. I nodded and he helped me back into the wheel chair. We went to the 4th floor. He brung me to a small room. I had to change into a paper dress thing. That's when they gave me stuff to make me fall asleep. "What about Niall?" I said as I drifted to sleep....




 I sat next to Lindsy. I put my hand on hers. She was tense. "It'll be okay darling." I whispered in her ear. She turned to look at me. "Harry, I'm scared..." She said. "I know. I am too." I replied. "Alright, we're just going to get some pizza from this place then meet Violet at the hospital." Paul said as he pulled into the parking lot of a small pizza place. We got out the van and sat inside the shop. No one was here, but us. We ordered two medium pepperoni pizzas. "Did anyone see what happened?" Louis broke the silence. Everyone shrugged.




I shrugged. Truth is, I saw everything. I saw Niall go outside, I saw them stuggle to fight, I saw the gun and I saw Niall get shot. I felt the tears in my eyes. "Babe, what is it?" Harry looked at me full of concern. We had all been crying but the boys stopped, knowing it wouldn't help. "I saw everything..." I mumbled. I was terrified. I saw someone I've looked up too get shot... "Umm. Sorry but your pizza is ready." A lady walked over with pizza. We all ate it in silence. "Can we go see Niall now?" I asked. Paul nodded and we got up and walked to the van. Once again, we sat in silence. Harry put his hand on mine and weakly smiled and I weakly smiled back. We pulled up to the hospital and walked inside. "Umm, Niall Horan." Paul said. "I.D. please?" She asked. He showed her. "And you are his security guard and band mates? Correct?" She asked and the boys nodded. "Who is she?" She asked. "She's my umm... girlfriend.. I guess." Harry said. Girlfriend? He must just be making this easier. "Follow me. He should be out of surgery any minute now." We followed her. "Ma'am, have you seen our friend Violet? Blonde, bout my height?" I asked. "Oh yes, Violet, She is almost done with her surgery too." She walked out. "WHAT?" I screamed. "WHY IS SHE IN SURGERY!?" I chased after her. "She was shot as well. I need to get back to work." She sat at her desk. Violet was... shot... I walked back in the room by the boys. "She was shot..." I sat next to Harry and started to cry in his shoulder. How was she shot...?

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