Suicide to Heaven.

I was tired of it. I've finally had enough. This was it. Lindsy and I were going to end it all. One jump and it could all be over. Tears streaming down from our eyes and landing into puddles below us. We held hands. I gave her a tight hug and nodded. "one...." I said as we stepped closer to the edge of the bridge, "two..." Lindsy said as we got closer. One more step. "thr--" we both started to say but someone yelled "STOP!" and yanked me back. I looked over seeing a guy holding back Lindsy. I couldn't tell who they were, all I know is that they had just saved our lives...


4. In A Strangers Home



  "I don't know.... They were just on the bridge about to jump..." I heard a strong Irish accent, I think it was. "They almost did fall." another voice said, British. I blinked open my eyes and rubbed them. I tried to sit up but it hurt to much. "Oh nonononono. Stay laying down." another boy said to me. He looked familiar. Hmm. Weird. I looked over at the other couch an there lied Lindsy in a deep sleep. "She's awake! Get some pain killers will you? Please!?" the boy shouted. I'll just call him Plaid. Since that is what he was wearing. A boy in stripes, I'll just call him Stripes, ran down the hall. A black haired boy went to the kitchen and started talking to another boy. Then the Stripes came back down and handed Plaid a cup of water and two tablets. "Take these sweetie." Plaid told me and I did as he said. I put the tablets in my mouth and swallowed them down with water. IT HURT SO BAD! I must of been crying for hours and screaming. Honestly, I didn't remember much of last night. I saw a curly haired boy walk in and check on Lindsy. Now he looked REALLY familiar. Actually they all did. The black haired one walked back in on the phone. I heard steps and looked up to see who it was. He was blonde. He looked so beautiful. He stared at me while I stared back. Nothing seem to matter in that moment. It was just him. I had butterflies at his look. I felt my face get hot and a smile grow on my face. I looked down quite embarrassed. "Ca-" I began saying but it came out quieter than expected, "Can I take a shower? If you don't mind?" I said. I sounded so quiet. My throat hurt really bad. Plaid nodded and helped me up. "Oh, your a small little thing aren't you darling?" he said to me as he gently held me up. He was right I was really small. Too small actually. I had been barely eating for the past year in a half. Although I still feel fat. He helped me down the hall and into the bathroom. He put towels on the rack and turned on the water for me. "Thanks." I barely got out and he smiled at me. "If you need anything just shout. Oh, yeah sorry. Umm... I'll check on you in a little?" I nodded in agreement. He walked out and I striped down and got into the shower.  


I was running so fast. They wouldn't stop coming. Ally continued to chase me. I tripped over a rock and fell to the ground. As I looked up Ally raised the knife in her hand. As it came rushing towards me I let out a loud scream, "AHH! PLEASE! NO! AHHHHHHHHH!" then i felt a shake and I opened my eyes. It was just a dream. "You okay darling?" a sweet voice asked. I rubbed my eyes trying to adjust them. I nodded at the boy and he got up and walked down a hall. "Where's Violet?" I questioned and everyone looked at me. "Who?" the boy with the black hair asked. "Her friend you clown!" said the one in the stripes slightly hitting his arm. I let out a slight giggle. But it hurt so bad. "In the shower" said the sweet one as he handed me a glass of water and two tablets. Pain killers. Thank goodness. "So, what happened last night?" he questioned and I looked at him confused. What did happen last night? I tried to remember.... The thoughts came flooding back. The beating and everything. The pain. I started to tear up. "I'm sorry sweetie!" he said as he wiped the one tear that fell. "It's fine" I struggled to say. Four boys stood there waiting for a reply. As I was just about to answer a curly haired boy walked in. "Hey guys, Paul just text- oh hey she's awake!" he said turning to me. He was gorgeous! He was perfect. I just stared at him in awe. He stared at me. "How are you doing?" he asked as he walked closer to me. "I... I'm good. In a little pain..." I replied. "I bet the way you were fighting with me out there on the bridge. I probably left a few bruises on you. Sorry bout that." he said rubbing the back of his neck. He was cute. Very cheeky too. So he was the one who saved me....?  


She was so beautiful. Even if she was covered in dirt. I can't believe I saved a human life. Especially hers. I started to talk to her more and get to know her. She didn't seem to freak out. Which was quite strange. Since I'm in a big boy band. "Oh, I forgot! There is another bathroom upstairs. You can take a shower up there. Lemme help you." I told her as I helped her up. She was so small and delicate. I was very gentle with her. I helped her into the bathroom and put her towels on the rack. "I'll be back in a few minutes to make sure your okay." I assured her and she nodded. She's a lovely girl. I heard a loud crash and went running down the stairs. "WHAT WAS THAT!" I yelled running down the hall to the bathroom. There lied a girl surrounded by blood. The other girl tried to kill herself again. Niall hung on to her close as Liam called for an ambulance. Louis was keeping pressure on the cut that went up her wrist. Zayn was getting a back packed for the hospital. Another crash. I took off running up the stairs. Please not her too. I ran into the bathroom to the same scene only thing here was her phone was out. I saw a text from a girl named Violet saying "I still don't want to live. I'm going to kill my self with one of the razors in my jacket." the girl I was with replied saying "I was going to do the same thing. I love you. See you soon." and Violet replied with "you too babe. you too <3" I picked her up and ran down the stairs. "LIAM! MAKE IT TWO AMBULANCES!" I shouted and he nodded. He talked into the phone some more. Zayn ran back and helped to keep pressure on the cut while I dressed her. Niall dressed Violet. They wore old t-shirts of ours. Looked like night gowns on them. "They are on their way." Liam told us as he watched us. It all seemed like one big nightmare...

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