Suicide to Heaven.

I was tired of it. I've finally had enough. This was it. Lindsy and I were going to end it all. One jump and it could all be over. Tears streaming down from our eyes and landing into puddles below us. We held hands. I gave her a tight hug and nodded. "one...." I said as we stepped closer to the edge of the bridge, "two..." Lindsy said as we got closer. One more step. "thr--" we both started to say but someone yelled "STOP!" and yanked me back. I looked over seeing a guy holding back Lindsy. I couldn't tell who they were, all I know is that they had just saved our lives...


11. I'm With The Boys

~~~~Sorry if I do Violet's p.o.v a lot. It just seems easiest to do her p.o.v because her character kind of reminds me of myself. But I'll try to do the others' point of views more.~~~~




We ran onto the stage. I did my jump. How could I not? We began the concert. We talked for a little then we started to sing. I glanced at Violet and Lindsy. They looked like they were having the time of their lives. I smiled and looked out at the crowd. I still don't really understand why all this happened, or how. Although, I'm very glad it did. We got to the twitter questions. We still did those. We loved interacting with the fans. "Oh look at this one!" Louis says as he points to the screen. "Today is by far the best day ever. I love you!!! xxx Also, what is your favorite song at the moment?" Zayn read it to everyone. "Errrr... I don't know..." He replied, "I like a lot of songs at the moment." He shrugged. "Yeah. I'm not sure." Liam replied and the boys agreed. "My favorite at the moment is..... Cinnamon by...... Ron Pope." I say into the microphone. I smile at Violet. "Next tweet!!!!" Zayn said and we all looked back to the screen. We answered a few more questions and sung the rest of our songs. We finished the concert. "Thanks for coming out tonight! Again, we are so sorry for canceling the last concert. We love you all, but a lot happened that night. Thank you. Love you all!! Byeee!!!!" Harry told the crowd as we ran backstage. I walked to the dressing room and grabbed a water. I chugged it and threw it away. "Cinnamon.  Really?" Lou laughed at me, "You don't even know the words." "It's a great song and it reminds me of Violet." I blushed a little. "AWWWW!! Niall!!!!!" Lou yelled. I laughed. We heard a knock on the door. "Come in!" Liam yelled, Lindsy and Violet walked in smiling. "YOU WERE AMAZING!" Lindsy yelled. "ABSOLUTELY GREAT!!!" Violet yelled. "So you like it." I said. "LOVED! We loved it!" Lindsy yelled. We laughed. "Why don't we all change and take a shower?" Liam suggests. "Yeah, How many showers are there?"  Harry asked. "Ummm... three." Liam answered. "Lindsy and Violet and I will go first." He smiled then ran off into the bathroom. They all went to the showers. A few minutes passed. "You like Violet. You like Violet." Louis chanted. "No I don't" I denied and then smiled. "Fine, but guys please don't do anything." "What?? Us? Do something?" Zayn said sarcasticly. "I'm serious guys! Please. I don't want to rush things. I know, we kissed, but I just don't want to rush it. She isn't use to this kind of thing and I don't want to hurt her. We're friends. That's all." I replied. "For now." Liam added. I sighed. A few more minutes passed. We decided to watch a film. "Umm... can someone hand me the bag... on the chair....?" I looked up to see Violet's head poking out from the door. "Please." She added. She was blushing. I got up and grabbed the shopping bag of the chair and handed her it. "AND MY CLOTHES PLEASE!" I heard Harry yell in the background. I handed her Harry's clothes too. 




I handed Harry his clothes. We all had towels on, by the way. I stepped into the shower I was just in and closed the curtains. I changed into my clothes and stepped out. I decided to just put my hair up. I looked over at Lindsy who was braiding the back of her hair into a bun. I looked in the mirror with her. We were wearing:

 oh yeah umm did I mention that I wear contacts? I decided to just wear my glasses.  I stepped out of the bathroom. "LOVE LOVE LOVE THE DRESS!" Niall yelled. "My favorite part is the Pizza part." He smiled and I laughed slightly. I love your smile. I thought to myself. I noticed Niall blushing a little. "Thanks." He smiled again. "What?" I asked confused. "My smile." He looked at me. "I said that out loud?" I said shocked. Everyone nodded. I felt my face get hot and I look down. "ermm... umm. Who is showering next?" I try to change the topic. Liam, Louis, and Niall ran into the bathrooms after getting their stuff. "I'll go use the Musicians' shower." He shrugged then ran off.I looked over at Lindsy and Harry. They were being all cute and whispering to eachother. She sat with her legs across him. "I'm going to look around." I said and got up. Neither of them noticed and I walked out to the hall. I was going to go to the practice room and play the piano or something. I wondered around for about 10 minutes, lost. "Excuse me ma'am. You can't be back here!" A security guard yelled to me. "Oh, um, I'm not a fan. I mean I am, but I am with the boys..." I said back. "I've heard that too many times." He grabbed my wrist. I winced in pain. "Please let go... I promise I'm with the boys. I can prove it." He let go and turned to me. I pulled out my phone and called Lindsy. Pick up, pick up, pick up. No answer. "Come on." He grabbed me again. "Let me try one more time!" I yelled. I dmed Harry, since he was the only one followe Lindsy. OH, by the way, I know Lindsy's password so I logged onto her twitter. "Harry, please answer, I need help. The security thinks I'm a fan who ran back here. Call me asap." I sent it. About 3 minutes passed and no reply. "Let's go." He said and grabbed me again and pulled me out the doors. I wasn't even wearing shoes. "Please! My best friend-" I was cut off by the door closing, "is in there..." I finished and sat on the curb. 



~~~~~~This was just sort of a filler. Sorry~~~~~~~~~~

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