Love.. That's the thing I'm missing.. My father abuses me and my mother left. She abounded me and and my sister. I'm now a slave the my father and a mother to my sister. I played the guitar to relax and do drugs. I honestly didn't think I was going to fall in love with a guy that has brown curly hair and emrold green eyes.


3. Telling my story

" Sir.. She's not here.." a body guard kicked my dad out.. Yes... How did he find me?!

" ill find her.. If it's the last thing I do!" my dad screamed and left.. That was close!

" Kaya.. You can come out now.." Harry said. I crawled out from under he table and got up.

" who is he?" Louis asked.

" My dad." i mumbled.

" why is he looking for you?!" Zayn asked.

" look.. I know we just met but i think i have enough confidence to tell you guys this." i said.

" tell us what?" Niall asked.

" the reason he's here.. My past.." i mumbled. They all sat down on a couch and i began my story..

" this all started in the beginning of the summer.. My mum left us.. She just packed and left.. She left me and my baby sister that is now 12 with my dad.. He then made me his personal slave; also.. Wife.. He abuses me, beats me, and rapes me.. He never harms my sister because i always protect her.. He began to make parties and inviting friends.. They would.. Rape me.. They would pay my dad a lot of money.. Finally.. One of his friends helped me escape.. His name was Jim.. My dad killed him.. That's why I'm dressed like this.." i said pointing to my body.

" but why would he come looking for you?" Liam asked worried.

" well, rather than the money I made for him... I could go to the police station.." i mumbled.

" right.." Liam murmured.

" im so sorry Kaya.." Harry said hugging me.

" its alright.." i said sniffing. 

" how bout we freshen up?" Harry asked. I nodded and walked to the bathroom.

" heres a towel." Harry said handing me one. I smiled and turned the hot water on. I took off all my clothes and slipped into the shower. I let the steaming hot water burn down the dirt of my body. I washed my hair about three times and my body about four times.. I felt really dirty.. Once I finished I walked out.. I wrapped the towel around me looking around.

" shit.." i mumbled.. I left my bag in the park! I slowly walk out of the bathroom looking around. I kept walking threw the hallways. I had very large breasts.. Double D.. I walked around until I found all the boys in a play room. Why did they ALL have to be in there?!

" ugh.. H-Harry?" i asked. They all looked at me and their eyes widened. Liam, Louis, and Zayn cover their eyes but Harry and Niall keep looking at me.

" forgot my bag at the park.." i mumbled.

" oh.. No worries.. You can use some of Danielle's clothes.." Liam said pointing to a room.

" who's Danielle?" i asked.

" my girlfriend.." Liam said.

" k.." i said walking to the room he pointed at. Since my dad only let me wear thongs, that's like the only type of underwear I can use now. I kept looking threw her underwear.. They were all thongs too. I found a pretty one; it was yellow with cherries all over it. I also found a matching bra. They were cute!

** Niall's POV **

" guys.. Lets go into Kaya's room? And let's take pictures of her!" i chuckled.

" i will pass.." Liam, the innocent one, said.

" i'm in!" the rest said. We all chuckled and took out our phones. We began to record as we opened the door. She was putting in her bra while facing the wall.. She will never see us! She walked farther out so we could now see her whole back.. Dam.. Nice ass! Like the thong;)! I looked at her smoothly shaped bum and her big pop out boobs.. Even though she had a nice bum and boobs, she was attractive! But she didn't look like a slut!

" AHH!" Kaya screamed once she saw us. We all ran out chuckling. Kaya slammed the door shut and all the boys cracked up.

" look Liam!" Harry showed him the video. Liam looked disgusted at us.

" poor girl.. I mean.. She's been raped and then you do this?!" Liam whispered slash yelled.

" true.." Louis sighed. Kaya came out of the room, fully clothed.

" hey-" she cut me off.

" bye.." she said coldly and walked out.

" where do you think you're going?!" i said running after her.

"why would you care?!" she yelled.

" cause your part of the one direction family now!" i said.

" no thanks!" she said walking off. 

" Kaya!" i yelled but she began to run. I soon saw a car pull over and drag her in!

" Kaya!" i screamed. I couldn't see the car right because it was dark and foggy.

" boys! Kaya! Kidnapped!" i couldn't talk right!

" what?!" they all said.

" yeah!" i yelled. I put my head on my hands and began to cry.. Holy shit.. Holy shit..

** Kaya's POV ** 

" your going to listen very carefully okay Kaya!" a very deep voice said. I was half awake and half asleep.

" yes.." i mumbled.

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