Love.. That's the thing I'm missing.. My father abuses me and my mother left. She abounded me and and my sister. I'm now a slave the my father and a mother to my sister. I played the guitar to relax and do drugs. I honestly didn't think I was going to fall in love with a guy that has brown curly hair and emrold green eyes.


11. She's back..

" You're lying.." I smiled and turned away.

" Turn your head, don't shed a tear..."

" Cause your the angel in my eyes.." I singed after her.

" I don't want to see you hurt. You're my everything, my paradise." 

" My paradise.." I ended the song we had made up.

" See, I'm mum.." She sniffed.

" How do you know that song?" I asked confused.

" I made it up with your dad before I.. Before.. I.."

" Left us.." I finished her sentence.

" Yes.." She mumbled.

" Now tell me.. Why did you leave us?!" My voice began to rise.

" Kaya, i wasn't a good mother.. I was just young.." she smiled.

" Do you think I had fun growing up with that monster?!" She loomed confused.

" He was a great father!-"

" Oh no he wasn't! Do you know how many times I got raped, beaten, called 'Bunny', and sold to other men?! No! No you don't!" I cried. She walked closer to me.

" GET THE FUCK AWAY!" I screamed and ran back inside. The lunch bell rand and i ran to the office.

" Well hello there Kaya!" The secretary smiled. I rolled my eyes.

" Can I call my dad?" She nodded and handed me the school phone. I dialled his number and waited for him to answer.

" Hello?" I heard his British accent say.

" She's back.."


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