Love.. That's the thing I'm missing.. My father abuses me and my mother left. She abounded me and and my sister. I'm now a slave the my father and a mother to my sister. I played the guitar to relax and do drugs. I honestly didn't think I was going to fall in love with a guy that has brown curly hair and emrold green eyes.


2. Party...

" Kaya.. The boys want to see you!" my fathers scary voice entered my ears..

" Come on down, bunny!" Jim.. One of my dad's friend said. I obeyed like usual and slowly walked downstairs.

" Ahh, there she is!" My father teased.

" how much this time?" Jim asked... Yup.. They paid..

" let's make it 400 and a golden watch!" my father started to talk about it.

" alright.. Deal it is!" Jim yelled. Him and my dad shook hands and Jim stood up.. Shit.. He then grabbed my bum and led me to my room.. He pushed me up against the wall and began to kiss my neck. I moaned in disgust. Gross.. Tears of pain began to explodes out if my eyes (not literally). 

" shhhhhh, it's alright bunny." thats my nick name.. Bunny.. I kept crying, to the point that he stopped.

" Whats wrong?" he asked.. He seriously asks that?!

" everything.. I smoke, my mum left, I get raped every day.." the tears wouldn't let me speak anymore.

" bunny-"

" Don't call me Bunny.." i said coldly.

" fine.. How bout I help you out.." he asked.

" how?" i asked like if there was no hope.

" i'll help you leave.." i shook my head as a yes and began to pack some stuff in a bag; clothes, shoes, tooth brush, tooth paste, under wear, etc.

" here.. I'll help you climb out.." he held his hand out and i took it. He opened the window and helped me climb down.

" thanks Jim!" i said as i let go.

" keep running.. Don't stop.. Don't look back.. I-" my dad suddenly showed up and stabbed Jim! Blood began to pour out if his mouth! I jumped down and began to run. I wasn't a fast runner but i ran quite fast. I kept running. Not looking back.. Not knowing where I was.. I just kept running. Shit! I stopped dead in my tracks! I was in a park.. Don't know what park, but a park. 

" shit.. I forgot Audrey!" i mumbled to my self. I couldn't just go back! My dad killed Jim, if he sees me he'll kill me! But i have to go back.. For Audrey.. I honestly didn't know what to do..

" what are you doing out here at night?" some one with a deep husky British accent asked. I got scared a bit and even jumped.

" sorry, didn't mean to startle you!" the guy said again. I turned around and saw a guy with curly brown hair and emrold green eyes. It was dark outside but i couldn't still see him pretty good.

" no... You didn't.. Um.. I dint know why I'm here.. I don't even know where I am.. But ugh.. Why are you here?" i said trying to change the subject.

" i take night walks.. You know.. Sometimes.." he shrugged and and walked closer. I quickly backed away.

" im not going to hurt you!" he chuckled.

" how do I know you aren't?!" i said still backing away.

" you honestly don't know me?" he asked in disbelief.. I nodded my head in the ' should i?' way and he laughed this type if funny laugh.

" im Harry, Harry Styles.. From one direction!" he said.

" NOPE.. Don't know you guys.. If there is guys.." i said crinkling my forehead.

" you're funny.." he said laughing.

" i wasn't trying to be.." i said kinda awkwardly. I kept backing off and then that became a run. I kept running farther and farther away from him.

" where are you going?" Harry said hugging me from behind.

" LEAVE ME ALONE!" i yelled.

" RAPE! RAPE!" i yelled. Harry covered my mouth so i wouldn't yell anymore but i bit him. He quickly let go to cover him mouth.

" what the fuck?! What was that for?!" he asked hissing in pain.

" your were trying to rape me!" i yelled. I hadn't noticed we were in the middle of the road.

" no i wasn't." he said.

" okay.. Half rape!" he nodded his head as a no.

" look darlin' its dark.. You seem lost and cold.. Come home with me.." he smiled.. FUCK NO!

" i don't even know you!" i shook my head as a no.

" Please?!" he wined.

" no.." i said walking away.

" just for tonight.." he asked.

" no.." i said still walking away.. Wow.. I must look like a slut! My mascara and eyeliner was all ruined, i had a mini dress on and super high heels.

" okay.. Fine.. But tel, me where you're gonna sleep tonight?" he asked. I looked around trying to find a bench. Bingo.. Found one.. I walk over to it and take out a blanket from my back pack; laying it out and covered myself with it.

" here.." i said tossing around under the blanket.

" stop being stupid!" Harry chuckled and walked over.

" what?" i asked as he grinned at me.

" nothing.." he said while picking me up bridal style.

" Let me go!" i yelled punching and kicking him.

" okay!" he smirked letting go. I can't float in air so.. Yeah.. I fell.. Right on my bum..

" HARRY!" i yelled once i got back up.

" what.. You said ' let me go!' nanana!" he tried mimicking my voice.

" shut up!" i yelled. He kept saying random sentences trying to mimic my voice.

" not unless you go home with me!" he smirked.

" fine.." i said. He chuckled and held his hand out for me. I grabbed it and he led me down the road. We stopped in front if this HUGE house!

" this is where you live?!" i asked shocked.

" yeah.. You like it?" he chuckled.

" nah!" i said sarcastically. We both laughed and walked in.

" boys I'm home!" he yelled.

" HAZZAAAAAAAA!!!" a boy with suspenders yelled. Obnoxious much?

" who's this?" the dude with suspenders asked.

" oh.. I didn't catch your name love!" Harry said.

" Kaya.." i said smiling.

" love your hair!" a guy with black hair that was put up as a quif said.

" Zayn said he likes your hair?!" the guy with suspenders asked.

" he really said that!" a blonde guy said. What? I only had blonde curly hair with blue, pink and purple tips.

" sorry, I'm Niall!" the blonde one said..

" cute name!" i said giggling.

" Im Liam!" a guy with a buzz cut said.

" im Zayn.." the guy that said 'nice hair' to me said.

" im Louis.." the guy with suspenders said.

" cool.." i said hitting my lips. We all heard a loud knock in the door and screaming.

" I KNOW YOUR IN THERE KAYA!" oh god.. Not now.. Why?! I ran under the dinner table and covered my head with my hands.. Why today?!

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