Love.. That's the thing I'm missing.. My father abuses me and my mother left. She abounded me and and my sister. I'm now a slave the my father and a mother to my sister. I played the guitar to relax and do drugs. I honestly didn't think I was going to fall in love with a guy that has brown curly hair and emrold green eyes.


13. My mum

" Im scared.." I whispered at Ed.

" Why?"He laughed.

" Because, what if she tries to take me away..?" I mumbled.

" She won't.. I promise.." He smiled. I smiled back and I hugged him. He got up from the couch and walked to the kitchen.

* Door Bell *

" I'll get it.." I said as i got up.

 I walked to the door and opened it.

" Hello Kaya.." My mum smiled. I slammed the door shut but something stopped it... Her foot.

" Justin let me talk to you.." She begged.

" You've done enough by leaving us.."I growled.

" I was young.." She cried.

" So.. I was young too!" I shouted. Someone grabbed my shoulders and pulled me.

" Sh.." Ed whispered in my ear.

  I hid behind the door and listened to their conversation.

" I think it'd be best if you go.." Ed said to my mum.

" No.. They're my daughters.. I have the right to see them." She pushed Ed back but he didn't even move.

" They're under my custody so you can't do anything about it.." Ed smiled.  She frowned.

" Like I said.. It'd be best if you leave.." Ed smiled. My mum growled and backed off.

" This isn't over.." She smirked. Ed shut the door and frowned.

" What?" I asked him.

" She really wants you guys back.." He mumbled.

" So..?" I shrugged.

" She will.. Probably.." What?! But I'm Ed's now! Not hers!

" What?! But I'm under your custody.." I asked.

" Yes.. But she's your mum.."

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