Love.. That's the thing I'm missing.. My father abuses me and my mother left. She abounded me and and my sister. I'm now a slave the my father and a mother to my sister. I played the guitar to relax and do drugs. I honestly didn't think I was going to fall in love with a guy that has brown curly hair and emrold green eyes.


8. Meeting them.. Again.

" KAYA, WAKE UP!" My aunt Tania yelled jumping on my legs. I screamed in pain and shoved her off.

" COME on!! I called the cops, they know your coming with me!!" she yelled throwing me a pillow. I threw on back and quickly got up. I took a quick shower and put on simple clothes.

" TIME TO GO!" Tania screamed from downstairs. I run downstairs with her. Audrey was over at a friends house. We drove off and went to a HUGE building. She predicted the car and led me inside.. I can't believe I'm meeting my biggest idol!

" Tania!" Ed screamed as she entered. His red hair was all messed up and his clothes was all wet!

" Ed! What happened?!" Tania asked annoyed.

" Water fight with the boys.." he grinned.. Boys? Tania shook her head.

" So this is Kaya?" Ed asked. I smiled and hugged him.

" Do you like my music?" Ed asked.

" yes!" Tania yelled. God.. I can answer my own questions!

" good!" Ed smirked.

" Quick thing Kaya.. Did you dress up this morning with the intention to show your butt?" i looked down at my short shorts.. True. It got kinda awkward around Ed. He finally decide to break the silence.

" Have you heard of One Direction?" One Direction.. Where have I heard it before?! Hmm.. Don't know.

" No." i said shaking my head.

" Oh.. Well here they are! BOYS!" Ed yelled. Five boys came running in. Five boys.. ' ill kill them.' those nasty words my father told me drilled into my head. They all froze when they saw me. I didn't want them to get hurt so i ran out. Not knowing where. I suddenly hear the sirens of a copy car! I turned to face the cop standing with a gun.

" Leave her.. She's with me!" Tania ran to the cop and explained stuff to him.. I really don't want them to get hurt.


Sorry for the suckish chapter:( but i had one all done, very long and everything but my tablet did something and erased it:'( so i re write it.. But it came out Very sucky! Don't worry, this will be the only bad chapter of the!

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