Love.. That's the thing I'm missing.. My father abuses me and my mother left. She abounded me and and my sister. I'm now a slave the my father and a mother to my sister. I played the guitar to relax and do drugs. I honestly didn't think I was going to fall in love with a guy that has brown curly hair and emrold green eyes.


14. Meeting him again

" Why are you avoiding me?" Harry whined.

" Its for our own good.." I growled.

"Oh really?" He smirked. He pushed me up against the book shelf of our school and trapped me with his huge hands.

" Harry.. Stop-stop-stop it!" I mumbled. He began to kiss my neck which made it hard for me to talk.

" Shhhhhh.." He kept kissing me. He kissed my cheek, my neck, then my lips. Until, i was completely trapped. I kissed back with all my might

" Why don't we ever talk?" He asked. He exhaled and i could see that he was crying.

" I was threatened.." I mumbled. He looked confused so i explained the whole story.

" He can't get us.. He's in jail.."Harry cryed.

" He has eyes in the outside.." I looked around.

" Yeah, but i also have my eyes on you.." He laughed.

" He can't get you.. Period.." He chuckled.

" Yeah, but, my mum might take me away too.." I frowned. A single tear went down my cheek.

" She can't.. Ed told me what happened, we talked to the Lawers that heed Ed sign the adoption papers and you're basically his child.. She can't take you away.." Harry smiled. His dimples showed more than usual.

" I love you.." i mumbled.

" I love you too. " He whispered in my hair.


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