Love.. That's the thing I'm missing.. My father abuses me and my mother left. She abounded me and and my sister. I'm now a slave the my father and a mother to my sister. I played the guitar to relax and do drugs. I honestly didn't think I was going to fall in love with a guy that has brown curly hair and emrold green eyes.


4. Kidnapped?!

" Now.. If you don't want little Audrey to get hurt.." he began to talk.


" shhhhhh.. Let me finish.." he suddenly put a knife by my throat. I was blindfolded but i knew it was a knife.

" so, you shall return with your father.. Then, little Audrey will never get hurt. You go back to your regular life like usual." he chuckled.. Usual life.. I can deal with that..

" oh, almost forgot.. You can no longer talk to those stupid boys.. What are their names? Ah, yes.. Harry, Niall, Liam, Zayn, and Louis! Them.. I will always have an eye on you.. 24/7! And don't pull a fast one missy.." he chuckled pressing the knife tighter on my neck.

" or you'll see what happens.. So, are you gonna do what I said?!" he asked chuckling. 

" Are you?!" he asked.

" y-yes.." i stuttered.

" perfect.." he chuckled.. Gross.. He then untied the ropes around my legs and arms. He picked me up bridal style and led me outside.. I shivered and sorta hugged him. He then placed me down on the cold ground.. I don't know where but on the ground. He then re-tied my hands and legs and left.. It felt like hell! Not knowing where you where, and besides, being blindfolded and tied up! I couldn't do anything so I fell asleep.

" Yes.. 911.. I have an emergency.. Yes.. A girl.. In the road.." i heard a deep husky British accents say.. Well of course British! I lived in London! 

" okay.. Thank you so much!" the caller said.

" hello.. Girl?!" the guy shook me. I twitched but my weak body wasn't able to move much. I was thirsty, and was hungry.. Other than that.. Broken.. Beaten.. Ruined..

" Yeah! A girl.. I think she's dead.. She has a blindfold over her eyes and she's all tied up.." he had called another person already.

" just come! Maybe you know her!" he said. He then hung up and looked around.

" oh dear god.." he mumbled. He then touched my cold face with his warm hand. He began to try to take off my blindfold. Once he took off I opened my eyes noticing it was daytime. I swear it was dark just like an hour ago!

" oh.. God.. Hey! My names Paul! Yours?" he asked. He was around his 40s 30s.

" K-Kaya.." i stuttered. I rubbed my arm and noticed I was freezing. He went back into his car and brought out a blanket. Who the heck carries a blanket in their car?!

" here.." he said covering me. He then walked over to my side and untied my hands and feet. I stretched out and he gasped.

" what?" i asked confused.

" why are you so boney?" he asked. Since my father usually never bought us food I had to work for some.. Which only was enough for Audrey.. I only ate a couple.

" i um.." i tried to find an excuse.

" its alright.. Dint have to explain right now.." he grinned. Didn't he call 911?

" Paul?!" Some one asked getting out of their car.. Niall.. I can recognise that irish accent anywhere!

" Niall.. Come here!" Paul yelled.

" oh my god Kaya!" he yelled running over. I quickly backed off remembering the kidnapper's words.

" GET AWAY!" i yelled. I got up and began to run but quickly fell. I heard sirens and yelling. My vision went blurry and there was a great pain on my knee.

** Niall's POV ** 

 When Paul called saying he found a girl I got a bit excited but then list hope again. But when I got off my car and saw here there.. Wow.. My heart skipped a beat. I walked over to her and screamed her name. Her eyes told me ' go.. I don't want you to get hurt!' but her actions told me she hated me.

" GET AWAY!" she screamed at me. The look of worry and sadness in her eyes. Did I miss something? She quickly got up and began to run but soon noticed she only had pants and she bra.. Wow.. When did they come off?! She still kept running and fell... Ouch.. The ambulance soon came and picked her up.. Wow.. They sure are mighty fast! Notice me sarcasm?

" Go get the other boys, Niall!" Paul yelled. I obeyed and ran back into my car. I drove at 100 miles per hour and got home super fast.

" BOYS! KAYA IS IN THE HOSPITAL! LET'S GO, COME ON, MOVE IT, MOVE IT,MOVE IT!!" i yelled super loudly. They all came rushing to me with a confused face.

" Whats going on?" Liam asked. Oh my Lord!

" Kaya was found! She was in a bra on the road. Paul found her and now she's in the hospital!" i yelled leading them to my car. They all got in with no its or buts.

" why would he call you?" Louis asked. Oh my god! So many darn questions!

" because i'm the only one who answers their phone!" i yelled driving to the hospital. Once we got there we all rushed to the front desk. The nurse was all into a magazine about us when we entered.

" ma'am? I need to know what room Kaya... Kaya.. I don't know her last name but a patients named Kaya's room." i said biting my lip. She didn't answer. I repeated my sentence but she was into reading about us.

" Like what your reading.." Louis teased. She smiled and looked up. Her eyes widened in shock and she opened her mouth.. Please don't yell.. Please don't yell..

" Right over here!" she smiled and walked over to an elevator.

" floor 3, room 142.." she smiled and walked off. Yes! I looked at Harry as he cupped his head in his hands and slowly began to cry. A few tears came out of Louis's and Zayn's eyes.

" ding!" the elevator ringed. We all ran out and had a small scavenger hunt around the hospital trying to find her room. We finally found it and ran in.

" Excuse me? I'm going to need you to get out.." a nurse kicked us out and walked back in. I layed my ear up against the wall but heard nothing.

** Kaya's POV ** 

" miss.. You have visitors.. They're the boys from One Direction.." she smiled.

" only let Liam in..." he was the only one I trusted now. He was the only one that didn't go to see me naked!

** Liam's POV ** 

" Liam?" the nurse said.

" yeah?" i asked.

" the patient wants to see you.." every one gasped as i got up. I walked into the room and looked around. She was connected to so many wires! She had a broken leg and a respiration mask on.

" yes Kaya?" i asked.

" The man.. Who.. Who kidnapped me.. He said you boys better stay away from me.. Or he'll hurt you.." she muttered. Hurt us?!

" i need you to take the boys.. Take them far.. As far as possible from me. I-"

" sorry miss.. Times up.." the nurse interrupted her sentence.

" go.." she mouthed before I left.

" boys.. We need to move.." i begged.

" what?! No!" both Harry and Niall yelled.

" shhhhhh!" a nurse yelled to us.

" why?!" Harry whispered.

" she just brings danger." i hissed. I walked away with Louis and Zayn. The other two boys walked behind. I also felt bad for not just telling Kaya no, but it was the best. As we walked out we saw the same man that came to our house for Kaya. Well, her father.. Oh no.. Niall I'm getting scared. But it's not like she was a major thing.. I mean, I only saw her once.. We began to walk out of the hospital when we all hear a loud scream coming from Kaya's room!

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