Love.. That's the thing I'm missing.. My father abuses me and my mother left. She abounded me and and my sister. I'm now a slave the my father and a mother to my sister. I played the guitar to relax and do drugs. I honestly didn't think I was going to fall in love with a guy that has brown curly hair and emrold green eyes.


7. In jail

" FBI! PUT YOUR HANDS UP!" about three cops came rushing in as I got out of bed. The clicked the trigger to get ready to shoot.

 " i didn't do it!" i yelled once they looked around. One if the cops put his gun down and walked up to me. He roughly pulled my hands behind my back and put cuffs on them.

" Its wasn't me my ass.. Now, your gonna me in jail for a very long time.." he chuckled taking me outside. Once we stepped out side the bright sin hit my eyes blinding me. I wanted to cover them but the cuffs were tight in my arms. The cop swung the car door open and shoved me in there. He quickly chuckled before slamming the door. I shuffled around. My hospital dress was a bit uncomfortable. The cop talked to some people then got in the car with another cop. They both had their own conversation while i just looked out the window.

 " Here we are darling.." The cop said handing me some jail clothes. I weakly smiled before he locked me up. I looked around for a bathroom but only found a couple beds and girls in every other cage. They could totally see me! I walk overtones the bed and pick up the dirty blanket. I take off my gown and quickly slip on my clothes.

" why are you here?" a girl with spider bites and pierces everywhere asked.

" they think I killed a" i asked. She giggled a bit and whipped her nose.

" I killed my new born baby." she snickered.. Holy..shizz..

" BATHTIME!" a guy officer yelled. One of the girls cheered. 

" What do we do?" i asked the other girl.

" we get in our panties and get wet with a hose.." she smirked.. Oh boy..

" Names Gwynn.. You?" She asked.

" Kaya.." i smiled shaking her hand. It was all dirty and muddy.. Ew..

" COME ON GIRLS!" the cop yelled. We all hurried outside. All the other girls began to quickly strip. I did as told. I noticed I was about the skinniest out if them all.. The cop quickly turned on the freezing cold water splashing us with it. I yelled but most of the other girls smiled at the water..

" TIMES UP!" The cop yelled and led inside again. Well, that was a long shower.. Notice my sarcasm?

" Kaya Meyer.. To the front desk please.." a cool yelled down the hall. A copy came over and let me go. I walked over to the other cop who led me down to an office.

" KAYA, DEAR!" my aunt yelled. She had Audrey by her side! I ran over to Audrey and hugged her tight.

" i was so worried when they called and said you were here!" she began to cry. She had brown golden hair, blue eyes, and was around her 25s. Her name was Tania. I quickly hugged her before she sighed some paperwork.

" she will be house arrested for two months." an officer said. He out on a leg brackets that was high on technology.

" its water proof and is very strong. If you leave more than two meters away from your aunts house we will track you down." he said in a mean voice. I nodded and walked out with my aunt. Thank the lord she came! She drove us to her house where she already had everything ready. It was a pretty big house. I got the second master bedroom.. It had its own bathroom and walk in closet. I somehow had clothes in all the drawers. I got to the bathroom and turn the hot water on. I still down my clothes and get in.

" and sells love to another man.. It's to cold outside, for angles to fly, to die, covered in white.." i began to hum the rest of the A Team by Ed Sheeren. I love that dude.

" You like Ed!" Tania said walking into the bathroom.

" Holy jesus! What are you  doing in here?!" i asked shocked.

" i wanted to ask you something.. Do you like him?" she asked. She was completely naked.

" i can't answer you until you cover your junk." i said covering my eyes. She walked over and opened the curtain. I quickly grab a towel to cover my body.

" You know I work for him!" She giggled. I smiled in those ' i don't care!' ways and she grinned.

" Cool.. You know.. I wouldn't mind for some privacy!" i smiled.

" i will only get out if you come with me to work tomorrow." she smirked. I nodded my head and pulled the curtain back to place. I finished my shower looking at the door every minute. Once I finished I walked out quickly drying my body and changing into some pajamas. They were cute and pink, and were all lace. Coolio. I hopped into bed thinking of tomorrow.. Meeting one of my biggest idols. Ed Sheeren!!


LOL, sorry for the short chapter:) thanks for the sweet comments you guys! He has a new girlfriend and she was like " im dating Aj.." (that's his name) and it was lunch time when she decided to brag so i was like " cool, and I'm eating a sandwich.. Want these left overs too?" she went and told Aj who got mad at me but I just hung out with all my best guy friends so if he did something smart they would beat him up:p lol, I'm so nice;) well, I will update soon!! Follow me on twitter? Ask for a follow back!

@audrey_1dlover that's me!  Lol.

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