One In A Million

Since Veronica And Harry met at age 6, they have been best friends . Now they are 16 and STILL keeping up the vibe until Harry tells Roni that he going to audition for X Factor UK .


9. The Lucky Girl


When the door flew open, my mouth formed a giant o shape. Harry stepped in front of me entering the flat guiding me inside. I see the 4 very attractive mates of Harry . 

"Is this who i think it is?"

"Hello , I'm Liam Payne"

"Niall Horan"


"Louis The Tomlinson!"

Harry turned to me. " These...," he chuckled " Are the boys. I thought you would like to meet them considering i was about 2 days late. THIS is my REAL surprise." 

Zayn turned to me smirking and giggling. He was so much diffrent than he appeared on the telly. 

"Since Harry got to X Factor, he hasn't stopped telling ANYONE about you. I mean you name it , Caroline , Simon , EVERYONE"

I giggled because i was always talking about Harry too. I can't believe he intoduced me to the boys. I turned to Harry and jumpped on him and knocked him to the floor wrapping my little arms around his massive ones. He chuckled and looked into my big orbs and i looked into his. We both leaned closer but then realized where we were as we turned and saw the boys laughing .

"So your the famous 'Roni' we've heard so much about?" Louis quistioned " She's much prettier than you described her as Harry"

"I haven't PROPERLY introduced myself. I'm Zayn Malik . But i'm sure you know damn well who we are" he smiled at me and reached his hand out .

I opened my mouth and spoke "Soo, this is a pretty amazing surprise."

Harry looked at me "Yeah, that's why i did it. And if you think this is it...your sadly mistaken."


Hours later me and One Direction...EEP...But uhh..yeah..I, Roni, was at the movies with One Direction. Everyone knew who they were know and they wouldn't keep their eyes off us. But i couldn't help but thinking of Harry and not all the eyes on me, the lucky girl  who sat in the theatre with One Direction. But..i wondered..had Harry remembered our deal then? I turned and looked at his pefect face. I opened my mouth and uttered some words.


he chuckled and revealed his dimple. Once he had stopped laughing, he looked at me with those heart melting eyes.

"Yes, i remember our deal. And i haven't forgotten."

As he spoke he leaned in and kissed me. Oh my dear goodness! how that boy works his mouth! i know it may sound cliche , but it TOTALLY felt like foreworks had erupted like volcanoes behind me like a scence in a movie. Once the movie was over , we went to the only place you would have guessed One Direction would go eat...yes...your right.....NANDOS!

We sat down and of course the first thing Niall does is order. im sure he knew all day we were coming, and from the amount of times he's been here, im sure he remembers the menu.

"Are you all ready to order?"

"YES!I AM! THEY AREN'T! I will have your chicken sandwhich deluxe, with a appetizer...thats appetizer, not a side..but an appetizer of chicken! and a pepsi"

"Y-Yes...i- mean..alright."

the waitress was very surprised this small little leprochaun could eat all of that. She stuttered alot to show how shocked she was. I decided to play a little game with the boys and show them how much a real girl could eat since they weren't as surprised by Niall as the waitress.

"Oh! Wait ! Sorry, im ready. i will have TWO deluxe chicken sandwhiches, with a plate of your chicken pasta along with a side of barbeque wings and a nice cold Tea. Thank you."

i looked up from my menu and saw 8 eyes staring straight at me with big o's on there face.

'What? a girl needs to eat right?" 

"Yeah, but not like a truck driver! you would excpect a small girl like yourself to eat a salad." Zayn spoke.

"Thats rubbish, she was just trying to show me up"

I turned and looked at Niall. I gave him a glare as a sudden staring contest broke out. The contest had gone on until the waitress came with mine and Niall's food. We both ate as we continued with the staring. Until Niall finally broke down. my glare was too much for little Leppy.

"AHH! I win! And my food is all fnished with! Was my glare to much for you Leppy?"

"n-n-NO! i was just...whatever you win this time!"

we all giggled and laughed as Niall set his head down in shame. When i had reached for my Tea with my right hand , something was on my left . Another hand perhaps? i look down and see massive Harry's hand covering my own hand as he smiled his cheeky smile and kissed me.


Moments later i was saying goodbye to the boys at their flat. Liam spoke up.

"Make sure you come visit daily! we love having you around love."

"Yeah , your almost as funny as me"

I could i be as funny as Louis. well, we parted our ways as Harry walked me home. We stood outside my door.

" i had a great time Harry, they are truly amazing boys."

"yeah, they are and im so glad i got to meet them."

"Yeah, so am i"

"well...i thought it would be obvious..but are we..i dont now?"

"Y- I... I guess so Harry"

"Yay! i've been waiting to hear that since i left"

He smiled as did i until we kissed goobye. I ran inside my house cause i knew a particular someone would NEED to hear the details. I called Kathy.



"B-It's 2 in the morning!?"


"WHAT!?! Tell me everything."

"well, the boys are amazing, they really like me, and me and  Harry are dating now...he kissed me!"


"Nice language Kat"

"Thanks been working on it for awhile now....can i go back to sleep now?"

"Of course..Night Kat...Love You."

"Night Roni, love you too."

I set down the phone and couldn't stope smiling. I had the best friend in the world, and now the best boyfriend in the world, and i met the most wonderful boys in the world. Boy, i really was  a lucky girl



Thank you guys for reading my story! more will be coming up soon! sorry if you guys think this one was boring! i will try and spice it up a bit! new story coming soon on my Wattpad ! 

I love you  Taytors(:



-Taylor ♥

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