One In A Million

Since Veronica And Harry met at age 6, they have been best friends . Now they are 16 and STILL keeping up the vibe until Harry tells Roni that he going to audition for X Factor UK .


8. Surprise Surprise


Veronica's POV:

It has been about a year and i havent seen Harry at all . But every tuesday night , im propped in front of the t.v watching him perform . Appearantly , he was kicked off and brought back to be with four other boys . They came in third and i thought that was absolute rubish! But today i would see Harry . He texted me and said he had a massive surprise. 

To Curly:) x :

I cant wait to see you today(:

From Curly:

I know , you will be totally surprised .

About 4 hours later and i'm still sitting at home with Harry not in sight. Then i heard the door. i heard voices and rushed for it. i ended up falling in front of the door and opening it from the ground. as my big brown orbs looked up and met Harry's green ones. i held back  a scream as i jumped up from the ground into his big warm welcoming arms. 

"Glad to see you too beautiful" 

I couldnt help but smiling and i couldn't let go. I wouldn't . Then i realized a tall blonde model looking woman behind him.

"oh, and this is Caroline Flack . You obviously know her:)"

i gave them a weak smile. Caroline Flack. Why was she here? i mean, Harry made a deal. 

"Hello , i've heard many things about you"

"Yeah , this is my surprise"

I gave yet another smile. His surprise was dating the host of his show? what did he think i was going to do? did he think i forgot about our deal? or maybe he was the one who forgot.  my cheeks arose with red furry. I put on a fake smile.

"oh well do you guys want to come in?" 

"i have to be going, Harry just thought you would like to meet me, It was lovely to meet you"

I smiled and waved goodbye as i looked back as the tall figure above me. He had gotten taller. his voice much deeper and raspier than the young boy before and i thought i liked him then.

"Harold. im so proud of you! you did amazing with those boys."i playfully pushed his shoulder.

"yeah. did you like my surprise? were you excpecting that."

" no i wasnt excpecting you to date the host at all." i smiled trying not to reveal my sarcasm as much.

"Dating?What? are you out of your bloody mind? no! i told you i would wait for you and thats what i did. Now im here"

"Than why did you bring her here?"

"Because she lives a few miles away. As do a few other of my friends your going to meet today."

"Oh,im sor-" he cut me off with a passionate kiss. i couldnt believe my lips were pressed against Harry's. This had been my dream since i had laid eyes on him. When he removed his perfect pink plump lips from mine , my faced was a perfect pink. 

" want to get ready?were going to leave in a minuite."

"Alright. well help me pick out an outfit."

we headed into my room as we looked inside my cloest. I wasn't really a dressy kind of girl. I was the girl who had converse , not heels. Skinny jeans, not skirts.

"This outfit is my favorite"

i pulled out my pink shirt and  I grinned because it was my favorite too. He always told me how much he loved aviators so i set a pair of aviators on my nose bridge. He smirked and chuckled. I put on sandals and a few accesories.

"That's too cute."

"Thanks ," I smiled "shall we go now?"

"Yeah, lets go"

As we headed outside,i looked at the beautiful skies when i had noticed i had gotten taller. Harry had picked me up and carried me to the car. I giggled and messed up his hair as he set me in the car. 


The car ride was only about 15 minuites. When we arrived at what seemed to be the biggest flat i had seen,Harry ran over to my door and opened it.

"harry,where are we?'"

"Just sush and you will see"

"what did you do this time" i giggled 

"do you have an off button?"

"you should know by now, i dont;)"

"well, you should"

"You don't know how many people have told me that"

"I think i could imagine" 

By the time we had finished our little talk , we were at the door of the flat. Harry's knocked and shouted 


I heard footsteps and low voices. For what seemed lke forever, turned automatically into seconds when the door swung open and i saw the face i never thought i would see.


Sorry it's short and sorry i haven't updated ! Computer is really stupid!but it's all good now! 

Please spread the word about my story ! 


I love you Taytors(:

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