One In A Million

Since Veronica And Harry met at age 6, they have been best friends . Now they are 16 and STILL keeping up the vibe until Harry tells Roni that he going to audition for X Factor UK .


6. Slipping Away


For those of you who don't know: Kip means a nap.. in this case i said "get a nice long kip" as in a nice long sleep.


Today was the day that my BEST friend and SECRET crush was leaving to go audition for the popular UK show X Factor:UK. I had rehearsed the song 'Isn't She Lovely' by Stevie Wonder with him, and told him he would do well. All that paid off, because today he was leaving.

I heard a knock at the door. I walked over in my pajamas(Pajama pants, white t) and my hair in a messy bun. I opened and was surprised to see my love. Harry Styles, smiling, and hands in pockets. He was so charming.

"Hi, i just wanted to come over and be with you today before i leave tonight" 

I was amazed at the sound of that. He wanted to be with me before he left.

"Um, yeah.Well i kinda just woke up but yeah come on in"

We walked into my room and sat down watching 'The Notebook' together (our favorite movie)and just relaxed.

"So, are you nervous?"

I asked. I was so curious because he hasn't really spoken about it, that and i haven't seen him since he blew me off AGAIN the other day i was with Kathy. But he was leaving so I had to act as if i wasn't mad.

"Well, when i saw your face this morning, i wasn't. But i know that when i arrive that i will be sweating like a pig."

He and I both chuckled at that. That was so sweet of him. Maybe he does like me? I mean he said he would spend the whole day with me and that when he saw me he wasn't nervous. It must mean something right?

"Well, I'm sure you will do fine. I mean your amazing, you have nothing to worry about. Don't forget to text me though! You know how much i love communication"

I smilied at Harry. I couldn't believe he was really leaving.

"Of course, i will never loose touch with you. As you know, your my number one girl"

I started blushing so i tried to hide it. I could tell he knew i was because he kept lifting up my chin.

"Yeah, haha, i guess. But when are you leaving?"

"Tonight at seven. We want to leave early so I can get a nice long kip."

"Yeah, it wouldn't be a terrible idea."

We stopped talking after that, turning our heads back to 'The Notebook'. After the movie ended me and Harry went into the kitchen. No one was awake yet, so Harry decided to make me some eggs, bacon, and hash browns.Harry was an amazing cook and whenever he came over, he just found the pans and started the oven.

"Here you are, and a glass of apple juice, because you and I both know you love it but you HATE orange juice."

I smiled and stuffed my face with the delicious food that sat in front of me. If Harry doesn't make it on X Factor, he can just make me food. What am I saying, OF COURSE he will make it. After he made his, he sat down along side me and ate. We prayed of course before we ate.

"So, what  are you going to do while I'm gone?"

"Well, i am working on a story, maybe i will stop at the bakery a few times, STUDY! We have a test next week. It's pretty big, i want to ace it."

We both laughed because we both knew that i NEVER studied. By the time we were done eating our brunch,and watching 'Love,Actually', we were fast asleep. We awoke at around three in the afternoon.

"Harry, wake up, its three in the afternoon."

He took forever to wake up, but i guess i shouldn't rush him. I decided I should probably change into something appropriate. I changed into my red jeans and striped shirt. I came back into my room and saw that Harry was now wide awake.

"I know we ate before we fell asleep but can we eat again. I will make taco's for you"

I guess my parents had left because they are always awake before twelve. Me and Harry walked into the kitchen once again and he easily found his way to the things he needed for taco's. He made them so quickly that i didn't even see it.We sat down and ate in the living room while watching some sponge bob.

" I hate to say this Veri, but  I have to leave when we're done with this. My mum wants me home by at least 4."

I frowned because that time came quicker than i thought.

"Harry, I just want to say i know you can do it and i truly believe in you. I always want to say that since you sang to me when you were about nine, i have  been in love with you."

"Really?That's funny, because i have been in love with you too! And i have been to scared to admit it to you. I've left hints here and there. But i promise i will wait for you until i get back."

We smiled and hugged eachother tightly. Lastly, he kissed me on the cheek. I not its not on the lips, but it was so gentleman like that I didn't mind. He left and then i realized, he WASN'T slipping from my grip, his hand was IN my grip.


Sorry if its too short or too long. Put alot of work into this




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