One In A Million

Since Veronica And Harry met at age 6, they have been best friends . Now they are 16 and STILL keeping up the vibe until Harry tells Roni that he going to audition for X Factor UK .


4. My Best Friend


I sat in bed thinking.Harry was going to leave to London in about 5 days. Just a few days ago, Harry told me that he was going  to get his big breakout. I sat down in my pajamas wondering if he would bring me. No i couldn't that to Harry. He needed to be big and famous. That voice needed to be heard.

I looked down at my phone and saw a curly haired boy staring back at me. Harry was calling. What was Harry calling for at 5 in the morning? I unlocked the phone and put it up to my ear as i smiled.

"Veronica, would you mind helping me?"

I looked confused. 

"With what now?"

All i heard on the other line is Harry's breath. I sat there wondering what could have been so important.

"Can you help me with my X Factor song?"

I couldn't believe that Harry was going through with this. He WAS in this little band at school called White Eskimo. They were good, people knew them, people liked them. What was i saying? Harry needed to go.

"Of course, come over to my house and we will talk."

Harry said he would be over shortly. We hung up and i got ready.I didn't want to look sloppy. I put on my shorts, and my favorite shirt.The Beatles!and some suspenders. I brushed my teeth and hair and waited for Harry to arrive. I heard a distant knock and i ran for it!

"hello beautiful"

I was greeted by Harry's amazing style and bug smile. He came in and we sat down to talk.

"So, what kind of song are you thinking about singing.Blues, pop, old school?"

Harry sat and silently thought. 

"I dunno. Maybe something like um...Uh. i dunno i haven't really thought about it.."

The way he talked slow made me want to kiss him so bad. He had a powerful  strong voice no matter what he song. He always liked people like Stevie Wonder, The Beatles, people like that so i brought those people up.

"How about something like The Beatles, or Stevie Wonder?" 

He smiled at the idea so i assumed he was going to pick from those two choices. 

"I really like Stevie, do you that i will do good with one of his songs?"

"Harry, of course. Let me see you do one of his songs."

" a moment"

He went and came back with that little microphone and a huge grin on his face.

" Isn't she lovely...Isn't she wonderful...Isn't she precious...less than one minuite old"

I held up my hand to stop him.


Harry looked confused.

"There is your song for X Factor my friend."

We stood up, and hugged eachother.

"Thank you for being my best friend Veronia"

I held on because i didn't want him to leave me.



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