One In A Million

Since Veronica And Harry met at age 6, they have been best friends . Now they are 16 and STILL keeping up the vibe until Harry tells Roni that he going to audition for X Factor UK .


5. Introducing Kathy(Kat)


It was 3 more days before Harry left me here in Holmes Chapel. I shot him a message.

To Harry<3:

Hey want to come over

From Harry:

Sorry love, busy at the moment

I put down my phone sighing. That's the fifth time this week he's blown me off. Does he not want to see me? I mean I get that he has to get ready and he's nervous, but that doesn't give him the right to blow off his bestfriend. Does it? Ugh never mind. Thinking makes my brain hurt.

To Katt :

Hey want to chill?

From Katt:

Sure thing whore meet me at the park in 20? Come alone or the ice-cream melts!! c;

I smiled. I trust Kathy to always put a smile on my face. The park was only around the corner and it wasn't like I was going out to meet a fit guy, so on slipped on my black Vans grabbed my phone and walked out the door in sweats and a tank top.

~Kathy's POV~

"Dad I'm going to meet Taylor at the park." I yelled.

"Okay be safe have fun."

"I will dad" I said kissing his cheek and leaving. I knew Harry was leaving soon but i didnt know why, and she needed her second bestfriend by her side. That's where I come in, ever since I found out Haz was leaving me and Taylor started hanging out more. I knew Tay felt like he was pushing her away, but I knew deep down that wasn't the only reason. They're the cutest bestfriends and honestly I could picture them together one day.

I was almost at the park and I could see our favorite ice-cream vendor person selling today. "Score!" I shouted and jogged over to him. "Hey Ernie hows it going?"

"It's going good Kathy, you meeting Taylor here."

"You know me so well." I said patting his shoulder. Ernie was a good looking man for his age. He had been working at the park for as long as I could remember and he was like a grandfather to me and Tay.

"So what's it going to be? The usual?"

"Yes sir!" I mocked a salute. "How is the wife and the kids?"

"Sherly is doing alright." he said with love in his eyes as he scooped up out ice-cream. "Robby is heading off to UNI soon, and Evangeline is a soon to be mother."

"That's great! I bet your excited for you grandbaby, and Robby is most likely glad he's gettin out of the house."

"You know him so well." he laughed. "And yes I am I just can't wait."

"Well tell Miss. Sherly I said hello, tell Eva I said congratulations, and wish Robby the best." I said taking the Strawberry and Sherbert ice-cream cones from him. "It was nice seeing you again Mr. Ernie."

"Bye Kathy, tell Taylor I say hello and stay out of trouble."

"You know that won't happen and I will."


I sat down under a big willow tree and pulled out my iPhone.

From TayTay:

Just around the corner.

To TayTay:

I'll be waiting. . . c:<

I quickly put my phone in my pocket, grabbed the ice-cream cones securly in my hands and began climbing the tree as I best as I could.

"Oh Tay your in for a big surprise hey hey!" I sang quietly. I saw her walking towards our tree from above and I smirked. Let the fun begin I thought to myself.

~Taylor's POV~

I hope Kathy got me the flavor I like. Where is she? I thought she said she would be waiting. I stood under our willow tree and looked around. Okay either im going crazy or I read that text wrong.

"Your going crazy." I heard someone whisper.

"Who's there?"

"Can you see me?"

"Who are you?"

"The real question is what am I." the voice continued to whisper.

"U-um what are y-you?" I managed to choke out.

"I'm your worst nightmare!" they yelled droping out from the tree right in front of me.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I yelled while Kathy was laughing on the floor.

"You sho-should've seen your fa-face!" she managed to say between laughs.

"Dont do that to me you arse!" my hand was over my heart and I was trying desperately to control it's ragged beating. "Now give me my ice-cream" I said snatching it out of her hand.

We sat down and ate our ice cream. Then just as i licked it, my phone vibrated.

'Who is it? Who is it? Who is it?" Katt askedme over and over.

"It's Harry...happy now?" Kathy knew Harry. She wasn't the biggest fan of him, but she knew how much i liked him so she tried being as nice as she could. I decided i would answer the phone.


"Yeah, its me. I wanted to say sorry for blowing you off, i thought i would make it up by making you dinner before i leave.Maybe tonight, or possibly tommorow?"

I smilied as Kathy sat and mocked Harry. I swatted my hand as if saying to stop. She fell back and laughed.

"Yeah, whenever is the right time for you. Alright, im with Kathy now so i should be going. Thank you"

"Alright love, well, tell Kathy i said hi. Have fun"

We hung up at the same time. I couldn't stip smiling. He just had that effect on me.

"Well, he said hi."I smilied as i told Kathy.

"Good for him. Whatsup with him lately anyways. you guys were like best friends. I dont remember the last time you two talked."

I had totally forgotten. I had been so invested in Harry....I didn't tell Kathy he was leaving!

"Oh Kathy, im sorry, i forgot to tell you that he is leaving in about 3 days to audition for X Factor."

I tried an apologetic smile .She smilied back so i knew she wasnt mad.

"Thats cool. Are you going with him?"

I stopped short.Am i going with him? Would i be going with him... no, he didn't invite me.

"No, its his time to shine."

we both sat in silence. By the time our conversation was done, we both finished our ice cream.

"Well, how is that boy you met? what was it, neil, nail, oh thats right! Niall?"

-Kathys POV-

A while ago, i met this cute blonde haired, blue eyed, irish boy. He was on vacation here and we started talking. He was so amazing.

"Well, how is that boy you met? what was it, neil, nail, oh thats right! Niall?"Taylor asked. She could never remember his name.

"It's NIALL..Thank you very much. And he is doing good. He will be going to London in a few days. I have no idea what for though.I should ask him."

We both sat. Then we looked up and thought.



"What if he is going to X factor!"We both shouted at once.

"What if Harry and Niall happen to meet!" Taylor exclaimed

That made me really think. Thats impossible.

"Thats impossible" I said

How could our boys happen to meet. Well, i guess it wasn't TOTALLY ridiculous. Ehh, whatever happens, happens.

Me and Taylor both thought. What if they do meet? How will they meet and what will happen? I guess only time will tell.

"Oh Tay Mr. Ernie said hello!"

"Oh how is he?"

"He's fine. Robby is going off to college soon and Eva is expecting."

"Oh my gosh! She's having a baby! I bet its going to be so cute I mean Eva is beautiful and her husband, well let me just say I would get that." she gushed.


"What you thought it!"

"Well you said it!" we started rolling around on the floor laughing. Oh gosh that's just too funny. I wiped a tear from the corner of my eye.

"Gosh I love White Chicks" Taylor said

I realized one thing was still going right, mine and Kathys friendship.


Sorry its kinda boring and short

I love you!♥

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