Imagines Short Stories With Any Guy(Celeb)

Imagines short stories with Any guy just comment your name and the boys name and ill do it a.s.a.p. Enjoy!


4. Imagine for Kenzie :)

Imagine for Kenzie


You was staring at the clock it was the last lesson of the day all you could think about was getting to see Justin.Your Boyfriend.You twidled your fingers until finally what had seemed forever the bell went of.Everyone jumped from there seats and all left for the door down the stairs out towards the main Entrance,you followed and ran as fast as you could hugging and meeting with your bestfriend on the way down both of you made it through the crowd.When you spotted Justin's car running upto it you see a tall figure with dirty blonde hair and brown eyes climb out you run over to Justin.He lifts you of the ground twirling you around as he puts you down and intwinds his fingers between yours and kisses your sweetly on the lips.

Justin: I missed My Beautiful Girlfriend.

Kenzie: I missed My Handomse Boyfriend.

Justin smiled as you walked towards your friend Justins hand was in yours as you walked towards your friend who was waiting with her Boyfriend Ryan,who happens to be Justins Bestfriend.

Justin:ready to go?

Ryan:Yeah man!

Kenzie:where we going?

friend:yeh where are we going?

Justin: Double date -winks- at you 

You jump onto Justins back as he holds you up giving you a piggy back ride before placing you back down and kissing you passionetly on the lips 


Hope you like it hun.


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