Imagines Short Stories With Any Guy(Celeb)

Imagines short stories with Any guy just comment your name and the boys name and ill do it a.s.a.p. Enjoy!


5. Imagine for JBismorethansexy1509:)


Description:Dirty Blonde Hair and Blue Eyes

Boy:Justin Bieber.


'Hey Guys' Justin announced to the crowd as he ran out onto the stage hearing the screams of 30,000 beliebers.Tonight is a special Night! Lets get startedd!! Throughout the whole Concert Justins eyes keep flashing back at you sending you flirty smiles as you wait backstage to hug him.The last song was One Less Lonely Girl.You feel someone tap your shouldher its Alfredo

Alfredo:Shelby,come with me :) -smiles-

Shelby: You nod your head and follow Alfredo on to the stage he leads you to the seat as you sit down justin joins your side,he holds your hand and kisses your cheek.

Justin:This special Girl,is my Beautiful Girlfriend Shelby. Lets heafr it for her.The crowd starts screaming and cheering as Justin starts the song.

theres gunna be one less lonely Girl

One Less Lonely Girl.

As the last line of the song is sung,Justin looks deep into your eyes and kisses you sweetly but passionetly.<3


Hope you like it :)

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