Imagines Short Stories With Any Guy(Celeb)

Imagines short stories with Any guy just comment your name and the boys name and ill do it a.s.a.p. Enjoy!


7. Imagine for Diva7813



Description:Long Brown hair and eyes and tanned skin

Boy:Justin Bieber


i looked out of my window waiting for Justin to come it was getting late it was 5 to 8 and normally he comes at like half 7 so we can walk to school together.Something's Happened searching through my phone contacts until i got to patties i pressed the green button to call soon enough she answered.

Pattie:Hey Ayanna

Ayanna:Hey Pattie,um is Justin at school today?

Pattie:Yeah he left about half an hour ago.

Ayanna:Oh okay thanks :) see you 

Pattie:Bye hun.

with that she hung up.

I took a deep breathe before grabbing my bag and running to school luckily it was only down the road i just arrived when i saw a group of Girls flirting with Justin,i shook it off and walked straight to my locker.The bell clicked for lessons i grabbed my books and made my way to class,i walked past the boys finally getting to Justin he looked up at me before i looked away and carried on walking to the back to sit by myself,id been getting notes all leson from Justin.

Justin:Anyaa im sorry its Just i?

The teacher picked up the note.

Teacher:Anyaa and Justin Headteacher NOW!

Anyaa:what did i do?

Teacher: NOW!!

With thst i sighed and grabbed my backpack leaving the classroom walking infront of Justin

Justin:Anyaa its not what it looks like?

Anyaa:then what is it Justin?tears started to form in my eyes youve been ignoring me all day.I felt something touch my hand turning me around so i was stood infront of Justi i looked down

Justin took a deep breathe:the reason ive been ignoring you is because i like you...alot. i didnt know how to deal with it.


Justin:maybe this will help.

He moves in sweeping your hair of your face kissing you sweetly.

Hope you like it :)

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