Imagines Short Stories With Any Guy(Celeb)

Imagines short stories with Any guy just comment your name and the boys name and ill do it a.s.a.p. Enjoy!


2. Imagine For Bowtiesarecool123.


Description:dirty blonde hair and blue eyes.

Boy: Harry Styles. . Izzy P.O.V I couldnt believe it.I was stood backstage at a One Direction Concert going to meet my favourite band of all time.Oh my gosh Harry.Hes my Favourite. A picture of him appeared in my head as i felt a smile grow on my face,my thoughts was interrupted as the Body Guards showed us through one at a time to meet the boys and get a picture with them.I was stood in line when i felt someone watching me i flashed open my eyes which met with Harry's His smile sent shivers down my whole spine.Making me blush and giggle at the same time.Soon enough it was my turn i was last in Line i walked up as they all introduced themselves to mehe The Boys: Im Nial,This is liam,Hey im Zayn,sup im liam and im Harry.Im Izzy I smiled the boys surrounded me and  3..2...1.. the picture was took i was stood next to Harry i could smell his aftershave i was about to leave when i felt someone touch my arm i turned around to see Harry he cleared his throat before speaking Harry:Izzy? Izzy: I nodded Yeaah :) Harry:well erm i was wondering if you wanted to hang out just me and you because well to be honest your beautiful.  Izzy:Awww id Love To and your my favourite by the way i added with a wink causing Harry to chuckle i looked behind and all of the boys had gone. Harry:so what do you wanna do Beautiful? Izzy: we could go to the fair down the streeT Harry:awesome Lets go i smiled as we left the building we talked,laughed and giggled. We arrived after a short while  Harry:lets go on this ride? Izzy:aww man!im scared Harry: dont worry i wont let nobody hurt my princess Izzy:your princess? i added with a smile Harry:oh um if youll be my princess Izzy:I nodded only if youll be my prince i added with a wink. Harry chuckled  Harry:so does this mean your my girlfriend? Izzy:If your my boyfriend then yeah :D He embraced me in a hug and kissed the top of my forehead his fingers fit inbetween the gaps in my hand.   Hope you like it :D
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