Imagines Short Stories With Any Guy(Celeb)

Imagines short stories with Any guy just comment your name and the boys name and ill do it a.s.a.p. Enjoy!


6. Imagine for AlexisHoran143:)

Imagine for Alexis

Description:Brown Hair,Blue eyes and Tanned.

Boy:Nial Horan/.



It was asif the world had stopped.Like life was passing me by.As Nial walked by.Oh Hey guys,My name is Alexis and yes Im in Love With Nial from One Direction i mean who isnt?His crystal blue eyes which represent the sea his smile that is justr get me started i could go on forever;).My thoughts was distracted as a piece of paper landed on my desk i unravelled it to read a note.


I was wondering if you wanted to go on a date with me tonight?

Niall xoxoxo


I looked back at Nial and smiled and replied yeaah :) Nial horan just asked me out oh my gosh!! The teacher decided to put us into groups for the work and guess who i got paired up with?i was sat next to Nial,he started to flirt with me so i decided i would to.Soon enough it was the end of the school day i ran home got changed and looked out my window until i saw him walk up the driveway.I ran about until i got the courage to open the door.There stood the guy id been crushing on forever with a single red rose.

Nial:Ready to go?

I nodded and closed the door as he held out his hand for me,we walked to the beach where a meal set for two had been set out we was sat opposite eachother,we laughed,joked and had an amazing time it was time to go home,Nial walked me back we was stood outside 

Alexis:I guess ill see you tomorow thanks for tonight its been amazing,the next thing i know i felt lips touch mine my arms wrapped around his kneck as his hands fell down to my waist.He pulled apart and said those magical words 

will you be my girlfriend?


Hope you like it :)

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