Your last first kiss...<3

Amber isn't the most social person. In fact, i'll put it bluntly, she has no friends. Valentines day is today, but will the day she dreads most turn out to be more than a perfect Valentines week? Find out, go on, i dare you;)


3. Chapter 3;

We ran for ages, Zayn's fingers intertwined with mine. I couldn't help but keep a smile plastered across my face.
'Where are we going?' I puffed loudly.
'Down here' he suddenly jerked left down a long dark alleyway and slowed down when he reached the end, soon stopping and hunching forward to gain breathe back.
'Sorry about that, i didn't expect it to happen, i'll get inside, get you a quick drink and then drive you home if you want?' He offered, stepping inside a door in the corner of the wall that was unnoticeable in the dark. Quite smart when you think about it.
'Thanks but i can just get the next bus, it no big deal honest' i smiled warmly.
'I insist' he stubbornly argued, then saw me inside. I listened to him flicking on the light switch positioned just right of the door, and revealed a simple hallway. The floor was covered in wooden slats, a pale brown colour, and the walls were beige with a white border in the centre. There was a small table next to the door which supported a vase of flowers and a house line, currently switched off, probably due to annoying sales company's that rang at stupid hours. A wifi box was also perched behind the vase out of sight, and pushed right up against the wall.
Zayn took off his long brown coat and hung it up on a coat peg by the door, then held his hand out to take mine. I stood there awkwardly until he looked at me impatiently, then followed his orders and removed my coat.
'Want a drink?' He casually asked.
'Hit Chocolate if you have any? 2 sugars' i muttered, intrigued in the painting that were hung on the walls. I looked at one of the 5 oak brown door that was nearest to me, turning the handle and walking in.
It looked like a simple living room, with a white carpet and two black sofas, positioned in front of the large TV that was suspended above an antique fireplace with a modern mantle piece. It was lined with various photo frames, one of Zayn and his sisters, one of his mum and dad, and another of his an the boys. Other bits and bobs were scattered around too, like pieces of loose paper, a comb, some documents and just un necessary items. It was homey.
'Here you go' Zayn tiptoed in, startling me a little as i peered at the photos, out stretching him arm and handing over the large mug that was at the end , clutched in his fingertips tightly. I thanked him and took it, placing myself on the edge of the couch.
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