Your last first kiss...<3

Amber isn't the most social person. In fact, i'll put it bluntly, she has no friends. Valentines day is today, but will the day she dreads most turn out to be more than a perfect Valentines week? Find out, go on, i dare you;)


2. Chapter 2;

The school day ended as i thought it would, a normal day, except the odd sight of people swallowing each other and the smell of roses or chocolates. Cheesy.
My earphones were pushed into my ears as i was sat on the crowded bus. Only a few of the passengers were students, the majority of them elderly or middle aged women. Most of the seats were occupied by those annoying people that talk loudly on the phone or have screaming kids continuously asking when they were getting off. Luckily, my school bag was taking over the one next to me, and i was rudely ignoring anyone who looked longingly at me to sit there.
The bus came to halt, at the next stop where around 4 people desired a ride.
I sighed, watching them. A young man with no fashion sense whats so ever, dressed in black trousers that reached just above his ankles, clearly bought in a size below his leg length, paired badly with a white shirt buttoned up wrong. Over that he wore a dark green cardigan, and a half shaved, half bushy beard laid upon his freckly face. The second person was an average teenage girl, dressed in another school uniform i didn't recognise. Forced to wear a below the knee skirt, burgundy jumper with black blazer over and knee high red socks, she huffed and took a seat right near the back, only a few seats behind me. Third came a woman, looking in his mid 40's, who had short brown hair, in a bit of a bib style, and in a long dress jumped on, with a small child at her feet that i had yet to catch glimpse of. I never actually did see the kid, as they chose to go upstairs, mainly by the youngster dragging his mother, i guessed, up the steep stairs to sit.
Last to get on was a boy, who i didn't familiarise myself with until he looked over and smiled, collecting his ticket and change, and making his way to the seat adjacent to me. His brown sparkling eyes, long fluttering eyelashes, black pointy hair, covered with a grey beanie and tanned skin, staring me right in the face. His lips began to open and out came word i only just caught.
'Is this seat taken?' He whispered, leaning towards me slightly. I shook me head, feeling my cheeks burn scarlet.
'Thanks' he chuckled, swinging himself into the uncomfortable bus chairs, lined with scratchy purple material.
We sat in an awkward silence for a few minutes, me sneaking quick looks at him without turning my now bright red face and bedraggled expression.
'You're Zayn Malik aren't you?' I finally stuttered, covering my mouth and bending my body towards him so i could keep my voice low.
'In the flesh' he giggled, oh my god. His laugh was beautiful, as was his face.
'Amber, Amber Turner, i'm a huge fan. Well, closet fan' i faced the floor, outstretching my hand waiting for a response. He took it lightly and shook only a little, my delicately tiny hands shaking.
'Nice to meet you, isn't it weird, meeting you on a day like this? Happy Valentines day by the way' he grinned. My cheeks continued to glow, right though my cracked foundation.
'Thanks, you too. Where are yo getting off?' I asked, starting a convocation, which all in all, i wasn't too good at with regular people.
'Not sure, you see, i only came out to get some shopping, but thought not to bring the car. I've never taken the bus, but this looks familiar, so somewhere round here i think, you?' He explained. All the way through i was just examining how perfect his cheekbones where, oh dear.
'Two stops away' i simply said.
'OH MY GOD IT'S ZAYN MALIK!' I suddenly heard loudly from behind me.
'Oh shit' Zayn cursed, muttering, grabbing my hand tightly and pulling me out of the seat booth and ran down the aisle, the driver opening the door as he luckily reached the next stop.
Zayn dragged me along rapidly, continuously checking behind him for trouble. Troubles what he got. I just smiled and continued running, watching the insane girl chase us for ages.
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