Your last first kiss...<3

Amber isn't the most social person. In fact, i'll put it bluntly, she has no friends. Valentines day is today, but will the day she dreads most turn out to be more than a perfect Valentines week? Find out, go on, i dare you;)


1. Chapter 1;

Valentines day. I dreaded it. All year round i waited for the day to come, then around a week before, my insides would shrivel up and i'd just die. Not literally, but you know what i mean.
'Amber hurry up, you'll be late' my mum bellowed through my door, almost bashing the door down, like an elephants stampede.
'I'm coming!' i yelled. I wasn't coming. I was still laid in bed, with my wavy brown hair draped over my face.
'No you're not' she chuckled.
I sighed and debated in my head.
You don't need you get up, it's only one day, i'm sure Mr Scotch won't miss you for just one day?
But just think, you have Mr Sullivan, fifth period, perfect ending to a monday morning aye?
I eventually pulled myself away from the duvets and dragged my feet to my small brown oak wardrobe.
I picked out a large brown jumper with a cute fox on, and some tight jeans over my thighs. I left my hair naturally down i always did, next applying a layer of pale foundation an some mascara. I wasn't a huge fan of make up.
I trailed down the stairs, slipping into my black vans as i reached the hallway, and grabbing my bag from the hook it hung on. It was neatly placed on my shoulder, then carried with me on my long trek to school.
I walked to form alone, not letting my eyes slip from the concrete floor below me. I blocked myself from all the cute couples exchanging gifts and sharing valentines kisses, or giggling cause some guys made it 'official'. Whatever. Any other day, they'd have turned him down, but today was different? No?
I took my seat in the corner, once again alone, pushing my earphones into my petite ears.
One Direction - Take me home? Don't mind if i do.
Have you heard of closet fans? Those fans who sit in their rooms on tumblr and twitter all might, faking their identity, pretending they're some average teenager who's a directioner and proud? And then in the real world, they're a nobody? Nobody cares about them, and nobody knows anything about them? Those ones who have a maximum of 2 friends, who only talk to you if they want something? Those fans who hide themselves, hide their past, their present, and prevent themselves from guessing their future? Those fans that hide their pain and scars from everyone, and one day hope their idol will come and save them? Like Jack saves Rose? Like Tramp saved Lady? Like Gollum saved Frodo? You do? Were in the same boat then?
The school bell interrupted my thoughts, forcing me to head to next lesson. I did. Sadly.
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