The sacrifice

Catherine and Hailey have been friends for a while. They've gotten even closer because even their boyfriends are best friends. Just like them. They make a lot of scrafices for each other. But could haileys be the biggest?


2. You're finally back!

 *Haileys P.O.V.*

  I sat on the couch with Darcy on my lap. I was eighteen and already had a baby. Go ahead and judge me. I dont care. I love her and Harry. Nobody could pull me apart from them.

 "Cat."Darcy said.

  "What? Did you just speak?" I said.

  "Cat." She said again.

  "Oh my god! I have to call Harry!" I yelled.

 I grabbed my phone and started dialing harrys number as the door opened. "Honey! I'm home!"

  "Harry! I missed you!!! You're finally back."

  He came over and gave me a kiss. "I missed you." He said.

 "And i've missed you too!" He said in his adorable baby voice picking up darcy.

 "She said her first word."

  "What was it?" He asked smiling


 "YES! I've trying to get her to say that forever."

 "You can be such a poon."

 "Yeah but you love me for it." He said cheekily.

 "Yeah thats true." I said and gave him a kiss.



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