The sacrifice

Catherine and Hailey have been friends for a while. They've gotten even closer because even their boyfriends are best friends. Just like them. They make a lot of scrafices for each other. But could haileys be the biggest?


3. Shes every bit of beautiful

 *Liams P.O.V.*

  I came home to Catherine lying on the floor in her bra and underwear crying. I kneeled down next to her and kissed her. "Beautiful. You know how much i hate coming home and seeing you like this."

  "Its not my fault! I cant help the fact that im ugly and dont deserve to live!" She yelled.

  "Why would you think that? Thats far from the truth." I said trying to get her to calm down.


  "Why are you yelling at me. I never said those mean things to you."

  "Liam.. I dont know if this is worth it anymore. I dont want them to start targeting you or saying stuff to you about me thats gonna make you upset."

  "What do you mean its not worth it anymore. I made a promise to you. I promised you i would never leave you. You promised me that you would never leave me."

  "Liam. That promise is getting kind of hard."

  "Excuse me for a second."

  I grabbed my phone and tweeted "Look all of you people out there that are hating on Catherine need to stop. I'm disgusted with the fact that almost everytime i come home from tour it seems like she wants to kill herself. She deserves to live and Shes every bit of beautiful."

  I put my phone up and pulled catherine in. Shes perfect. I love everything about her. I put my hand on her lower back and leaned in. Her warm soft lips met mine and i felt fireworks. I always do. Every kiss i fall in love with her all over again. She pulled away. "Liam i love you."

  "I love you more."

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