The sacrifice

Catherine and Hailey have been friends for a while. They've gotten even closer because even their boyfriends are best friends. Just like them. They make a lot of scrafices for each other. But could haileys be the biggest?


14. I regret the words i said


   *Haileys P.OV.*

  I laid there thinking about the words i said to harry.  I grabbed my phone and dialed his number. It went strait to voice mail. "Harry. Pick up the phone. I need to talk to you."

  I hung up and picked up darcy. "Mama." She said.

  I grabbed our bags and checked out. "Why are you leaving so soon?" The manager said.

  "oh. No reason. Just wanna go home."

  I left and got in the car. I turned the key and headed down the road. I had fifty miles to go and i was low on gas. I wasnt paying attention and before i knew it i was spinning across the road. I saw both my life and darcys flash before my eyes. I didnt even have time to care i was so scared. I threw up my hands "I cant do this on my own! I regret the words i said!" I yelled.

  It got colder as i made the shoulder of the road. The car came to a stop. I cried and I saw darcy in the backseat sleeping like a rock. I bowed my head and prayed. I hadn't done that in a while. "Dear god, im sorry ive been living my life. I know ive got to change. I'm letting go so give me one more chance. Please save me from this road im on. I can't do this on my own. Please help."

  My phone rang and my head snapped up. It was harry. "Hello?" I said.

  "Hey. You called?"

  "Yeah. Uhm im so so sorry. Can you please come get darcy and i."

  "Where are you?"

  "I dont really know we just got in an accident."

  "What! I'm on mway. Ill find you."

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