The sacrifice

Catherine and Hailey have been friends for a while. They've gotten even closer because even their boyfriends are best friends. Just like them. They make a lot of scrafices for each other. But could haileys be the biggest?


11. Harry wants my help?

  *Liams P.O.V.*

  There was a knock at the door. I opened it up hoping for Catherine but it was Harry.

  "Uhm. Yes?" I asked looking at harrys bloody hand.

  "I.. need... your... help" He said holding onto the door for support.

  "Come in and sit down."

  He sat on the couch then got up and punched a wall. "GOD! IM A FUCKING MONSTER!" Harry yelled.

  "What happened mate? I've never seen you this angry."

  I heard heels clicking behind me. "What the fuck is he doing here?"

  I turned around and Catherine was standing there with her arms crossed. "He came over asking for my help."

  She went over to him and pushed him on the couch. "Catherine? What's the matter with you?" I asked.

  "Hes a fucking jerk! He got pissed off at Hailey for telling him that he was wrong to get drunk when hes got a baby at home so now hes sitting here punching everything!" She screamed.



  "ENOUGH!" I screamed. "You two are fighting like children! Look Harry is wrong. But hailey is too. Hes eighteen he can drink. But he shouldnt drink that much."

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