Ally is just another girl, who has gone through a hard life. One direction has been there to help her through. But when she meets them, one takes a liking to her. Will this lead her to be even more damaged? Or finally happy?


10. The Good-Byes

I felt the blood rush to my cheeks as soon as he asked. I could feel their eyes burning holes into my head. I was never good at being the center of attention. Always the shy, weird outcast. I almost stuttered my words as I answered," N-noo."

"Yes," Niall muttered under his breathe before Zayn quickly elbowed him. I stared at my feet in pure embarrassment. 

"Well you should come with us to the premiere of our new album," Louis said, filling the silence. I just nodded my head as excitement took over. 


I plopped down on my bed, exhausted from long day.

The boys left like an hour ago, after we ate dinner together. The boys seemed pretty cool, but I'm not sure how they felt about me. They were smiling at me all through dinner. So it was pretty good throughout dinner, but all went downhill when they were about to leave.


*1 hour earlier


"Bye Ally," Louis said, before giving me a quick hug. Which was quickly followed by a hug from Zayn, then a hug from Liam. I smiled at all of them, even after getting to know them, I think i was still a little star struck. I mean these were the boys that helped me through my roughest times, not that they had any clue.

Niall pulled me into a close hug, wrapping his hands on my lower back."Bye Ally, see you soon," he whispered into my ear with a thick irish accent, which send chills down my spine.

All the boys moved towards the door, leaving Harry to say his good-bye. His green orbs stared into mine as he slowly pulled me into a embrace, carelessly lifting me off the ground. It was as if I weighed nothing. Butterflies filled my stomach as he leaned in. I could feel his warm breath on my neck, giving me goosebumps as he whispered into my ear,"Bye beautiful." A shiver was instantly sent down my spine. He keep eye contact on me and smiled slightly, which made his adorable dimples pop out, as he put me back on the ground.

It was almost the perfect moment, but as soon as my feet hit the floor, Harry was on the ground. And onto of him was a very angry Niall. "I called dibs!"Niall yelled, before Liam pulled him off of Harry , who seemed just as fazed as me. I was still trying to register what happened, while Louis and Zayn were laughing.

"Niall, you never even called dibs," Liam laughed trying to calm the furious irish boy. I looked over at Niall and it was like a sudden wave of realization hit him before he spoke,"Ohh, well I did in my head." Dibs? Woah what just happened?




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