Ally is just another girl, who has gone through a hard life. One direction has been there to help her through. But when she meets them, one takes a liking to her. Will this lead her to be even more damaged? Or finally happy?


11. Suprise,Suprise.

"Buzzz", I grabbed my phone to see who was texting me.

*One New Message*  I opened the text.

From: Harry

Come to your window(: X

I walked over to the window in my pj's, since I took a shower after the boys left. My pj's weren't the cutest, I probably looked like a slob, wearing black sweatpants and a purple t-shirt, but I didn't really care after the night I had. When I got to the window I didn't even see Harry, I sighed and just as I was about to turn around and go to bed, a big hand grabbed my arm. Then a hand covered my mouth before I could scream. Then I heard a voice that calmed me down, "It's okay it's just me." It was Harry. Thank god.

"Are you crazy?" I yelled at him after he let me go. Without a response from him, I continued, "You scared me, I thought you were going to hurt me." 

Harry smirked and brought his hand up to my cheek," Don't be scared, I would never hurt you." He stared into my eyes, the moon shining through the window was the only source of light. He just looked so perfect at that very moment. His chocolate curls fell perfectly on his head. His eyes were a piercing green, that practically pulled me toward him. And I couldn't forget about his plump lips, they looked so soft .......and kissable. Oh my god, what am I thinking? I can't think of Harry like that.

I was knocked out of thought by Harry's laughter. "What's so funny?" I questioned, clearly confused.

Harry pressed his lips together, then slid his tongue in between them. I think it was a habit of his, as I've seen him do it a lot, but It was a turn-on. So who was I to complain? "It's just that you make the cutest faces when your thinking about something," He answered. I felt the blood rush to my cheeks and I quickly tilted my head, so he wouldn't see me blush from his comment. He grabbed my chin with his two fingers. Ohh too late! He probably saw. I looked up at his smiling face, and starred into his mesmerizing eyes. He pressed his hands against my lower back and closed the space between us. I wrapped my arms around his neck, as his face suddenly became more serious. Oh god he looked at my lips! Then before I knew it, his lips were pressed against mine. His lips felt so soft and warm against mine. I felt the electricity run through my body. I brought my hand up and ran it through his hair, which cause a moan to slip out of his lips. He pulled out of the kiss and bit his lip, with a hint of sadness in his eyes. Did I do something wrong? "I'll see you later Ally." He smirked before climbing out of the window and down the the side of the house where he came. What just happened? Did I just have my first kiss with Harry Styles? Or am I just dreaming?




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