Ally is just another girl, who has gone through a hard life. One direction has been there to help her through. But when she meets them, one takes a liking to her. Will this lead her to be even more damaged? Or finally happy?


12. Sorry?

I woke up to the sound of sizzling bacon. I threw the covers off the bed and hopped to my feet, before running towards the kitchen. The closer I got to the kitchen, the more aromas hit me. Bacon. Coffee. Eggs. And then it hit me, the smell of mint and cologne, kinda like the sent of... Harry?

I stepped into the kitchen to see the sight of Harry shirtless at the stove...making breakfast? Was this a dream? Maybe this was a nightmare, after all I was mad at Harry.

I couldn't sleep all last night. What Harry did was unfair and I didn't want to be part of some stupid game. He was playing with my feelings and they were not something to be toyed around with. I've been hurt enough, but I guess it wasn't all his fault. He didn't know my past, maybe he never will, but I'm still mad.

"Oh good your up. You like eggs right?" Harry asked, aware of my presence. I just nodded my head and sat on one of the wooden stools at the island. I refused to talk to him, but I guess nodding was an exception right?

After a few minutes Harry walked over, giving me a breathtaking look of his body. He put a full plate of mouthwatering food in front of me. I picked up the fork and just played with the food.

"Well, eat up. We've got a long week ahead of us," Harry smirked. What did he mean? Long week?

I was still keeping my mouth shut, so I just looked at him with a confused expression.

Then Harry's face suddenly became serious, the gorgeous dimples disappearing.

"What's wrong?" Harry's concerned eyes stared into mine. I just stared down at the food in front of me. I just wanted him to leave. I was mad and upset with him. Couldn't he see what he did? He's making me grow feeling for him, with a kiss that obviously meant nothing to him.

As if he could read my mind, he continued,"Look I'm really sorry about last night, It shouldn't have happened." Bam! Stab to the heart. My stomach became hollow. There was a lump in my throat. I felt like crying, or screaming, but I just couldn't. I felt numb.

I looked up at him. Something I definitely didn't want to do. His breathtaking eyes stared into mine, but something was different. I couldn't tell weather it was guilt or...anger? But as soon as it appeared, it was gone. "Here." He handed me what looked to be a letter. "They told me to give it to you and that they were sorry." Sorry? I hate hearing that word. It just meant pain.

I opened up the letter and read it.

Dear Ally,

We had to leave late last night as I found out your grandfather is in the hospital. He suffered from a major heart attack. We need to take care of him over the next week or two. So the boys are going to stay at the house with you while we are gone. If anything goes wrong, I'm just a phone call away. The boys promised to be on their best behavior. I'm sorry about all of this.


Aunt Sara

What? "You're all going to be here?" I asked, but when I looked up he was gone.


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