Ally is just another girl, who has gone through a hard life. One direction has been there to help her through. But when she meets them, one takes a liking to her. Will this lead her to be even more damaged? Or finally happy?


3. New Life.

I walked down the crowded hallway, with my bags in one hand. I was so nervous. I looked around, not really sure who I was looking for.

The airport was full of different people. Some sad and parting. Some were happy and reuniting. I've always wondered what it was like to be so close to family. Besides my dad and mum I never really met any of my other family members.

"Ally?" I turned around to find a short blond women, she has beautiful blue eyes and looked just like my mum.

"Err..Hi."I didn't really know what to say. I mean what if she didn't like me, or I was a burden to her?

"I'm your Aunt Sara, I haven't seen you since you were about two!" Well she didn't seem like a crazy person...

I just laughed and she walked me to the car. It was probably one of the most awkwardest car rides. She just asked me a bunch of questions about myself, but I guess that was better than what happened when I was with my dad.

We pulled up to a huge house. It looked to be about three stories. It was in a gated community so that made me feel pretty safe. I got out of the white Cadillac and started walking towards the trunk for the bags, but something caught my eye..or should I say someone.


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