Ally is just another girl, who has gone through a hard life. One direction has been there to help her through. But when she meets them, one takes a liking to her. Will this lead her to be even more damaged? Or finally happy?


9. Meeting The Boys

I ran down the stairs and into the living room, which was currently being occupied by my aunt. She just looked at me and laughed.

"What?" I questioned. Was there something on my face?

She continued to laugh until she saw the seriousness in my face. "I just know what your looking for, and they're in the office."

I slumped down on the couch, "oh."

She smiled, "Don't worry they will be out soon."

The excitement came back to me. It felt as if a million butterflies were in my stomach, flapping their wings. I was really excited to see the boys, but I was really nervous. What if they didn't like me? What if they hate me? All these doubts ran through my head and I almost didn't even notice the boys come into the living room. I pretty much just froze. I watched as the boys walked over. Harry was the first to walk in. He smiled, being his usual charming self, but it calmed me down a bit. He plopped down right next to me on the couch as the other walked in filling the seats directly across from where Harry, Aunt Sara and I were sitting. They all smiled at me. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad. 

It was almost as if Harry could sense how nervous I was and intertwined my shaking hand with his large warm one. This almost instantly calmed me down.

My aunt was the first to speak," Well I'll leave you guys to it, have fun." The couch shifted and she walked out of the room. It didn't help at all, considering I was now left in a room full of boy I was completely starstruck about.

Harry spoke up next,"Well this is Ally, we met this week." The boys nodded and introduced themselves one by one, even though I already knew each of their names.

I just smiled, I think I was just too overwhelmed to talk. This went away as they started asking me questions, I could just be a mute freak. They started off with the basics, things such as my age, thing I like to do, etc. After what I thought was the end of all the questions, Niall abruptly spoke up,"Do you have a boyfriend?"


Don't shoot!


I know I haven't been the best at updating lately, but I promise I will be updating a lot more often! So please don't stop reading and let me know what you think.



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