Give Me Love

Asa has been through a lot in her just 18 years of existing, but things seem to only get worse and worse. When a very special boy comes into her life and changes everything, she's loved,healthy, and feels like she actually belongs somewhere. He's perfect for her and his 4 best friends are the most caring people she has ever met. One day all of this changes, something terrible happens.......


3. You're All I've Ever Wanted

    "Asa, wake up love. The boys went out and got some Starbucks." Niall said as he poked my cheek and twirled my brown, straight hair around his pale finger. I got up and threw my hair into a messy bun, Niall grabbed my hand and I just looked at him and smiled. We walked down the stairs and sat on the couch sipping on coffee. It was so peaceful and I finally felt safe.

   "Asa, guess what!" I heard Harry exclaim with a cheeky smile.

   "What." I said with a confused expression on my face. He just smiled and handed me a small box. It was from all of the boys,I opened it and it was 100,000 dollar Visa gift card. My jaw just dropped and tears of happiness just started streaming down my face. I hugged all of the guys and thanked them.

    "Girl, we are going to the mall today!" I heard Louis exclaim and snap his fingers, I just giggled and went to go get ready.

   I went through my backpack and tried to find a cute outfit to impress Niall. Okay, you caught me I have a crush on him. I slipped into a pair of black leggings and threw on plaid shirt that was a little too big. I quickly brushed my hair and slipped on a pair of old,ratty converse. I walked downstairs and all the guys were talking and smiling. When they saw me they grabbed their coats and we headed outside. We hopped into a red Jeep and started the car. Niall held my hand the whole way to the mall and we kept smiling at each other. I really hope he likes me, I've been obsessed with him since the X Factor, of course he didn't know. We finally arrived and I hopped out of the van. Niall hugged me from behind and grabbed my hand. We went to Forever 21, American Apparel,Urban Outfitters,Good Will,Hollister,Jack Wills,Victoria Secret,Pink,Wet Seal,Aritzia, and a bunch of shoe stores. Before I knew it, I had over 20 bags full of clothes,shoes,and underwear. I was starving, and they had a Rainforest Cafe`, MY FAVORITE. I nudged Niall and pointed to the cafe`. He nodded and just him and I walked over there. The boys knew we liked each other, they wanted for us to have our alone time. We walked hand in hand to the cafe` and got a table.

 "Asa, I have to tell you something. I can't hide this no more." I heard Niall say blushing. "I like you, when I saw you crying I wanted to do anything to make you stop. You are nice,funny,beautiful and I know I've only known you for a day but I really like you." I just blushed and replied.

  "Wait,Niall James Horan, my crush since 2010 actually likes me? I've been waiting for this since you were on X Factor. This is a dream come true, you're all I've ever wanted." We both just smiled and blushed. I moved my seat to sit next to him instead since now I knew we both liked each other. He leaned in and kissed me on the lips this time smiling while we kissed. But then he pulled away...

  "Asa, I love you. I always will, I won't let anyone hurt you. I will do anything for you.I've never liked a girl as much as I've liked you. Correction love.Will you go out with me?" Niall whispered into my ear and kissed it.

 "Niall, I've always loved you since the start. But now since you love me too, I feel safe,loved and when I see you I get butterflies in my stomach. You're my first kiss and I want you to be my last one. Of course I will go out with you." I replied with a cheeky smile and kissed him on the lips for a longer time. Then our food finally came and we had to pull away. Today was perfect, and I can't wait to tell the boys Niall and I's good news.

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