Give Me Love

Asa has been through a lot in her just 18 years of existing, but things seem to only get worse and worse. When a very special boy comes into her life and changes everything, she's loved,healthy, and feels like she actually belongs somewhere. He's perfect for her and his 4 best friends are the most caring people she has ever met. One day all of this changes, something terrible happens.......


4. This Is My Life Now

 Niall and I ate up our yummy food and paid for lunch, we walked outside to catch up with the boys hand in hand. We walked across to the arcade and there was Liam and Louis versing each other in Just Dance 4, of course they danced to 'What Makes You Beautiful'. 

  "Harry,Zayn,Liam and Louis, Asa and I have something to tell you." Niall exclaimded with a cheeky smile, they boys nodded which meant for him to go on. "Asa and I are officially dating!" Niall shouted as he spun me around and kissed me. The boys all grinned and shouted "AWWW!" I'm glad things won't be awkward between us since I was dating their best friend, I wonder how to Directioners are going to take this. I checked my phone and I had over 57,000 followers all because Harry posted a picture of me dancing to 'Sexy And I Know It' with Louis. They all tweeted me saying that they love me had introduced me to the fans, we were officially best friends now, all of us. I challenged Louis to 'Call Me Maybe' on Just Dance 4 and I actually beat him, or did he let me win? We all walked to the car and jumped in, I was practically in Niall's lap and Harry was next to us. Louis and Liam were in the front and Zayn was next to Harry. We blasted 'Kiss You' and all sang as loud as we could while they did at least half the things they did in the music video. When we finally got home, yes this was home to me now, they all went upstairs to help me put my wardrobe away. Harry was in charge of pants, Louis in charge of shoes, Liam in charge of tops, Zayn in charge of jewelry, and Niall and I put away my bras and underwear, of course he wanted to help with that. When we finally finished putting so many articles of clothing away, we all dashed into Liam's room to watch 'The Dark Knight Rises' with each a bowl of popcorn. The movie was amazayn (did you see what I did there?) and Niall even kissed me a few times! I was tired by the time the movie had ended so I walked into Niall's room and  plopped on the bed not even changing into pajamas. I was half asleep when Niall walked in and slowly slid on the bed, wrapping his arm around me and kissing my head. 

  "Goodnight Asa, today was amazing." He whispered in my ear, knowing I was half asleep. I drifted off in his arms, feeling like nobody could hurt us. He was so perfect, I just hope my father doesn't find me. 

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