Give Me Love

Asa has been through a lot in her just 18 years of existing, but things seem to only get worse and worse. When a very special boy comes into her life and changes everything, she's loved,healthy, and feels like she actually belongs somewhere. He's perfect for her and his 4 best friends are the most caring people she has ever met. One day all of this changes, something terrible happens.......


2. Home Sweet Home

    "What was your name love?" the blue eyed babe asked with a cheeky smile. 

   "Asa Marie, but you can call me Asa (Ace-uh)" I replied with a little bit of stuttering. We held onto my hand and called the boys downstairs. "Guys! I want you to meet someone that is very special to me and will be staying with us." They all rushed down the carpeted stairs and their eyes light up when they saw me. Harry's eyes were a dashing emerald green that sparkled in the light, and yes, Louis' bum was as big as it looks in photos. Zayn's tattoos were flawless and Liam's mole was so adorable! Niall on the other hand, his blue eyes,blonde hair, and the way you just smiled when you saw him, he was perfect! 

 "So are you a fan 1D?" I heard Liam ask with a cheeky smile. I just nodded and they all gave me a huge hug. "I'll go do you hair!" I heard Zayn say with a cheeky smile as he lead me to the bathroom with a comb and a bunch of hair products. I heard Niall tell the rest of the boys 'my story' while Zayn fixed my hair and even dyed the tips blue! I walked out with my brand new hair and they all stood up and gave me a group hug.

  "We'll never let anyone hurt you." I heard Niall whisper in my ear and pull away. "I'm hungry, Harry make tacos." Niall ordered as the rest of us sat down on the couches and watched Toy Story (Liam's idea)

   I sat next to Niall with Liam on the other side of me. Liam and Zayn sat on the other couch and Harry was making tacos. When it was a sad part during Toy Story I saw Liam getting all teary eyed, so I gave him a hug and kissed him on the cheek. Of course only Liam would cry during Toy Story when someone he just met was right next to him.

   When we all finished eating and the movie ended we just talked for hours and hours. "Asa, you can sleep in my room with me tonight if you want." I heard Niall say with a cheeky smile, I said okay and hugged him. We all walked upstairs and went into each of our rooms. Niall handed me one of his shirts and a pair of pajama pants. I walked into the bathroom and when I came back Niall was sound asleep on the green, queen size bed. I crawled next to him slowly, trying not to wake him up and slid under the covers. I slept like a baby that night, for the first time since mother had died.

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