Give Me Love

Asa has been through a lot in her just 18 years of existing, but things seem to only get worse and worse. When a very special boy comes into her life and changes everything, she's loved,healthy, and feels like she actually belongs somewhere. He's perfect for her and his 4 best friends are the most caring people she has ever met. One day all of this changes, something terrible happens.......


5. Birthday Party

     "Babe, wake up! I wanna see those beautiful blue eyes! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" I heard Niall exclaim as he shook me. I  fluttered my eyes open and he smiled.

  "You're a pain in the ass." I giggled and dragged myself out of the warm bed. I kissed him on the cheek and walked downstairs to see what those idiots were doing. I walked downstairs with my hair all messed up and no makeup on, nor did I care. The boys had a banner hung up that said "Happy 19th Birthday Asa!" I just smiled and ran up to them to hug them. Niall must of told them it was my birthday today. 

     "Awww thanks guys!" I said with a smile plastered in my face. They then came in with pancakes covered in Nutella, my favorite. Niall handed me a glass of milk and tried taking a pancake. I actually let him this time, but only this time. 

   "Babe, this is only the begging of the best day of your life!" Niall shouted as we all giggled with his cheekiness. I swallowed my last piece of pancake and gulped down the rest of milk. 

  "Hey guys, I'm gonna go get ready. I can't look like a turd if it's my birthday!" I shouted as I walked away and ran up the stairs.

   Greet, what shall I wear? I searched and search for the perfect outfit until I finally found it after 15 minutes of looking. It was perfect for the color of my hair and everything. I slipped on a samon pink dress and tighten it around my waist with a skinny braided belt. I slid my feet into samon pink pumps and threw a few matching bracelets on. Outfit check, now I need makeup and hair. What should I do with my hair, curl it? nahh, oh I should make it wavy. I grabbed my waver and in about 5 minutes, my hair had long waves. I applied my best makeup and fixed little tiny things, there perfect. I walked down the stairs and saw a bunch of people I knew from all over. EVEN ED SHEERAN WAS THERE, MOTHER FUCKING ED SHEERAN WAS AT MY BIRTHDAY PARTY. All of the boy's familys were here and even some of their friends. I needed to talk to Ed Sheeran, he was my hero. Okay, yay story time!!  

* flash back from 6th grade"

    "Hey look it's the whale!"

    "Ew, look at the school cow!"

   "Maybe she should just stop eating..."

      but then, I didn't eat for weeks and weeks,

that's when I started listening to music, it was amazing. I actually felt good about myself and didn't want to change for nobody. If they didn't like what I look liked then that's their opinion. 

                                                                      *end of flackback*


    "Hey Ed, I just wanted to thank you for making music.You have no idea how much I love your music, it seriously saved my life. Just keep on writing and singing as long as you want. I will always be a sheerio!" I said with tears in my eyes when he actually pulled me into a warm welcoming hug. He gave me his number and told me that he'll never forget what I said and how much it meant to him. Niall then came up to me and give me a huge hug.

   "Happy Birthday babe, I love you." He whispered as he kissed my forehead and smiled.

   "Thanks love, I love you more." I replied with a simple kiss on the cheek, making him blush. The night seemed to last forever and was amazing. Dancing,talking,laughing,eating,drinking and yes, even singing. I went to the washroom to check my tweets and wait what? I had a bunch of tweets, good and bad ones, some fans can be so nice and others can be total bitches. 

  "PRESENT TIME YOU PEASENTS" Louis screamed over the blasting music. I sat in Niall's lap and looked at the mountain of colorful boxes, neatly wrapped. Niall handed me three and had a huge smile on his face.

  "I have something else for you later." He whispered in my ear with a wink. I opened all of the presents and boy did everyone here know exactly what I wanted. By the end of the night I had 5 I Tunes gift cards, 3 Iphone cases, a charm bracelet, 13 necklaces, an Ed Sheeran sweatshirt and signed cd, a new camera, and of course Louis got me a sailor's costume.

   "Hey come on, stripes look good on everyone! He cheered making everyone giggle. I thanked every single person and kissed Niall once everyone left. He was so sweet, I didn't want to leave him or have my father find me.  Wait, Niall still has something for me..........


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