Give Me Love

Asa has been through a lot in her just 18 years of existing, but things seem to only get worse and worse. When a very special boy comes into her life and changes everything, she's loved,healthy, and feels like she actually belongs somewhere. He's perfect for her and his 4 best friends are the most caring people she has ever met. One day all of this changes, something terrible happens.......


1. You Better Run Run Away Runaway Baby

   "GET OVER HERE ASA!" I heard my horrid father call from downstairs, ever since my mother passed he's been like this. I've gone to school with bruises,cuts,and black eyes all over my body only to be covered by the best makeup. I rushed down the long,wood stairs only to find him with a belt in his hands,oh lord he must of seen that I didn't put the milk away last night. SMACK, his old,ratty,black belt smacked against my face. The salty tears just started to stream down my face like a river breaking through a dam. He shooed me away and I ran up the stairs. I burst through my white door and grabbed my tribal print backpack. I just started shoving random clothes into it and packed a few ideas I knew I would need if I was going to run away. I just hope that when I do run away he won't find me, sometimes you have to run away from your problems, this was one of those times. I slowly unhooked the metal hook keeping my two windows shut, I climbed out slowly until I felt my foot tap on the grass. When I was all down I just ran and ran and ran until I couldn't feel my feet. I sat down on a nearby bench and I just started bawling my eyes out. It had to be 6 o'clock by now when I left it was 4:45. I checked the time on my black Iphone 4, I saved all of my money for this. It really was 6, whatever I am not going back. No more bruises,cuts, or black eyes, unacceptable. 

   Almost an hour later I saw a human figure a few feet away, I could barely see out my eyes that were layered in tears. I tried to stop when I saw the figure become bigger and bigger and then I saw who it was, Niall James Horan! The irish cutie from One Direction was only a few feet away from me, except I could fangirl because I was crying my eyes out.

  I felt him come closer as I ducked my head making my chocolate brown hair covered my red face. "love, are you okay?" I heard a strong irish accent ask as he out his arms around me. I shook my head no and cried harder. "Come to my flat, we can talk about it when you're ready." We grabbed my pale, soft hand and walked me down the street. 

  "Um,Niall..............." I whispered as he looked at me "I'm ready to talk. My father has been abusing me since my mother died from cancer 3 months ago and I've just had enough. I have no place to go and I have no friends." I wiped away my tears and sniffled. 

  "Babe, you have me now. You can stay with the boys and I in our house. Our tour doesn't start for a while now so I'll be with you all day, everyday. Now let's get you cleaned up and I bet you're hungry!"

   I just smiled for the first time in 3 months, he pulled me in for a hug and kissed my cheek. Niall has always been my favorite, I knew he was sweet but this sweet? Woah, now that's sweeter than pancakes. We finally got to his house, it was beautiful! It was white with clear windows and a beautiful garden in the front of the house. It had an attic and 2 floors, and I'm guessing a basement. The doors were polished and there was a little mat that said "Welcome" with little clovers all over the place. This was my home now, with Niall and 4 other great guys.

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