This is about a girl named Julia and a Guy named Harry! Also my friend Lex comes into place with someone else. Me and harry have been dating for a year and things are getting serious. IF YOU ARE YOUNG PLEASE DO NOT READ THIS IS RATED R!


1. Showered.

Julia's POV

I was up against the shower wall as I felt a slight warm lip against mine pressing together. My hair was dripping and still had soap in it. I felt Harry dip down slightly against my collar bone and I felt a slight sucking and kissing running up my neck. Then a couple seconds later I felt him go to my lips and kissed me softly,i felt Harry slip his tongue into my mouth and  did the same. The shower was warm and i was feeling hotter than ever. My body shivered as Harry lifted up my leg and picked me up. He kissed my collar bone AND I started to moan as he went further down to my breasts. He slowly fondled them and i laughed and groaned as i was put under his spell. Then i was put under the shower head with little driplets going down my back. I gasped as i felt a hand explore but not in the exact bad place YET. I was being fondled all over on the upper half on my body. Then i groaned a little and startled Harry because he was exploring with his hands all over and soon enough he was inside me and i felt a little bit hurtful and a lot sexily good. 

I said to Harry " Harry you know how to handle a girl with sexiness and also care.

Harry groaned and said " well of course cause your so freakin sexy baby"!

Then we heard The door open and it was Louis and he said " what the fuck are you doing Harry we have to go now remember going to Simon's for a conference.

Then i heard Harry Say " Shit i completely forgot i was so attracted to my fuckin got damn beautiful girls friend. 

Then Harry jumped out and got dressed kissed me then left.


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