Hybrid (Larry Stylinson AU)

The world thought to be fantasy has been revealed.
Vampires, werewolves, witches and the most dangerous of all, hybrids, roam the Earth to the knowledge of humans.
Harry Styles was just a teenager who happened to be at the wrong place, wrong time. He was turned into a hybrid, half-vampire and half-werewolf. Hybrids are becoming extinct. Not because humans hunt them down, because there is no known way to kill a hybrid, but because the circumstances of their transformation has to be unique.
After being turned, his family decided to move to Doncaster, although every one in the world was alerted when a supernatural creature was created.
There, he met Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan and Liam Payne, the richest boys in Britain.


1. Prologue

Disclaimer: I obviously don't own anything.

I want to make a few things clear:

1.- I'm a Larry shipper, but I also support Elounor, Payzer, Niam, Ziall, Zerrie, etc.

2.- I don't mean anything by this. I support gays and bisexuals because I think it's unfair that people judge them for liking someone their own gender.

 3.- It's just fiction for now, so please, no hate! I just admire and love the chemistry Louis and Harry have. It's just so...beautiful.

So, if you like it...thanks! And for giving this a try... a massive thank you!



It has been 20 years since the supernatural world was revealed. Those who thought vampires, werewolves, witches and hybrids were just little stories designed to scare people were wrong. 

They are real.

Vampires are fierce, powerful and dangerous. They are faster and stronger than a werewolf, unless it's a fully transformed wolf, when nothing but a witch and a hybrid can stop it. 

They are immortal, and cannot be easily killed. Their most powerful weapon is compulsion. Their compulsion is so strong, that not even the most intelligent or clear - minded is able to resist its effects. The only things that can protect you from compulsion is a small plant named Wolfsbane. I know, it's for werewolves. But it works on vampires as well. Sunlight burns them.

There are some ways you can kill a vampire. You can either stake it or starve it. They can last thousands of years without drinking blood, but they will slowly and painfully be mummified. Or, the hardest way, is with a werewolf or a hybrid bite. One bite, and the vampire dies slowly and painfully. Their blood can heal injuries and wounds, but they cannot heal diseases. If a human dies with vampire blood in their sistem, then they come back, but they have twelve hours to drink human blood and complete the transition. 

Werewolves can only change during the full moon. During those days, a werewolf is much powerful than a vampire, but once those days are over, then they are like humans, except they are faster, and stronger. Their bite kills any vampire, and the only cure is magic, performed by the strongest of witches. They can be killed with silver arrows. Their blood cannot heal, but it can change a human into a werewolf. Drinking werewolf blood and being bitten by one will turn a human into an immortal werewolf. Werewolves have a life span of aproximately 7000 years, give or take. 

The witches are very powerful. Even the weakest can kill a thousand year old vampire with relative ease, but only the most powerful could try to heal a werewolf bite. They can kill werewolves quite easily as well, but they can't kill a hybrid.  Their power can only be inherited. 

Finally, the most powerful beings on the planet. Hybrids. 

They are half - vampires, half - werewolves. They have the characteristics of both, yet they are stronger, faster and have better senses than a normal werewolf or vampire. 

Sunlight doesn't burn them, silver and wolfsbane wounds them, but it's to the point of being uneffective. They can turn at will, they can compel humans, vampires and werewolves, and there is no known method to kill them. There is not much known about them either.

But there are 2 ways to turn a hybrid. 

1.- Turn a werewolf into a vampire. They have to drink matching blood to theirs before they were transformed, meaning their families'. 

2.- Turn a human with a werewolf bite.



Harry Styles


      September 4th.

Harry Styles walked quickly, reaching the deserted alley, panicked. Night had fallen, the predators of the night could attack now. Nothing could stop them now.

Harry clutched by bag tightly to his side, pulling out the bottle of wolfsbane every citizen had. It was a necessity, seeing as hybrids and vampires attacked constantly.

He forced himself to calm down. He would need all of his energy to run away. As if that would help.

Honestly, Harry found it suspicious that wolfsbane affected vampires. But no one had truly lived to tell the tale, except if you were turned. And then, you were bound by the instinctive laws of self - protection.

"Why in such a rush?" A sweet, honey - like voice stopped him. Cold, icy fear gripped his veins, twisting his insides until he was sure he would be soup in the morning. Oh wait. He wouldn't even have any blood left.

"Please." His voice was no higher than a whisper, yet she obviously heard it. She was a ... vampire or hybrid? Would it make a difference?

He would still die tonight.

"What is your name, handsome?" She flirted. Or at least, tried to. Harry was too frightened to notice her advances.

"Harry Styles." He  quickly stuttered, tembling.

"Such a handsome boy with a pretty name. I won't kill you then." She decided, and Harry breathed out in relief.

"Come here, doggy." Her voice became sweet and mocking, as if talking to a -... never mind.

A low growl reached his human ears, and he shuddered, fear rooting him on the spot. A young man came out of the shadows, golden eyes studying him. He shuddered once more. A werewolf.

So the woman was a vampire, and he was a werewolf. But then, why...

Everything clicked instantly.

A human can be turned into a hybrid if he is turned with a werewolf bite.

Suddenly, the woman was in front of him once more, and he could do nothing more than gulp unwillingly the blood that dripped from the arm forced into his mouth. He wanted nothing more than to curl up in his warm, comfortable bed, but the quiet sounds of footsteps made his eyes snap back to the werewolf. He was approaching, while Harry struggled, trying to get away from them.

The werewolf reached him and exposed his fangs. Harry tried to scream but his sounds were muffled by the woman's arm, which had healed some time ago. Harry struggled, but the sharp piercing of his neck stilled him. Then, fire burned in his veins, his neck wound throbbing. Then, the woman's arms went around his neck and a sharp pain erupted in his neck, and darkness consumed him.


Louis Tomlinson


Louis smiled happily at his girlfriend, Eleanor Calder. They were watching a movie in the cinema. Louis had seriously forgotten the name, he had been too busy staring at the perfection which was Eleanor. 

"Louis, you should watch the movie." El whispered, yet Louis could hear the happy note that laced her tone as she spoke those words.

"Nah. You can tell me later." Louis replied lazily.

"Spoiled, that's what you are, Mr. Tomlinson." She giggled.

It was kind of true. His parents owned a big company, so that meant he was rich. And not only was he rich, he was a multi-millionaire. Money was something common in his household, as it was in his best friends' household as well. His best friends being Niall, Liam, and Zayn.

"I love you, El." He whispered, kissing her softly.

"I love you too, Lou." She whispered after their kiss.

While Harry Styles was turned into a hybrid, Louis Tomlinson was enjoying life with his girlfriend. 


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