Kidnapped to Save the Kidnapped

I hate writing intros, but ill try anyway. MEET Jennifer and Hayven. Two of the richest girls in Bradford. Now before you ask, yes Zayn Malik is, i mean was, their bestie. What happens when the two girls go to the shoopping centre, but Jennifer, is mysteriously taken. Hayven does all she can to save her bestie, including kidnapping the boys of One Direction, to saw rhe kidnapped. Watch this story unfold full of love rombus', hate, and pure evil.


2. The Past Returns


Kidnapped to Save The Kidnapped   

Chapter 2   

~Zayn's POV~ 

"Come on Zayn let's go and get some drinks!" Niall pleads me as I change the channel on the TV behind him.  "I am good, you go ahead Niall." I said twisting my body a bit so I can actually see what was on the screen.  "But I need someone to be the designated driver. Liam won't let me leave until I have somehow to 'safely' drive me back." Niall whines at me which causes me to let out an annoyed sigh.  "Get Harry to go with you, or Louis, or maybe Liam can go?" I asked. I haven't really been in the mood to even get out of bed today, much less go to the pub.  "Harry and Louis will end up drunk and Liam said he doesn't feel well. Please Zayn you're only choice and I really want to go." Niall whines again and even adds that puppy dog face he gives Liam when he doesn't get what he wants.  "I not Liam, mate." I tease Niall, while giving his cheeks a small pinch. "Zayn." He whined again extending the syllables of my name to try and convince me to tag along with him. I watch his blue eyes wide as he pleads; honestly no matter how much we try and deny Niall, it's impossible.  "Let me go get changed." I said before standing up and passing Niall.  "Serious?" He asks following me into my room as I shed off the T-shirt I had on and pull on a clean white T-shirt. I nod my head at Niall before slipping on a pair of black shoes and throwing a denim button up over the white tee. I leave the buttons undone, like Harry does when he wear the button up shirts. "Liam, me and Zayn are heading to the pub!" Niall shouts while going to find his jumper that he says to have left in Liam's room. Those two had such a strange little bromance going on. It's funny how the fans didn't start any rumors about those two like they did with Harry and Louis.  "To the pub!" Louis shouts making the superman pose before in his mind "flying" away to my car. "Wait you two are coming too?" I asked as a full dressed Louis and Harry "fly" out of the house.  "Yeah, which is why we sent our secret weapon aka. Niall to convince you to drive." Louis boasts as Liam comes out of the kitchen shaking his head.  "I thought you were stronger than that Zayn, it took Niall all of five minutes to convince you." Liam said teasing me while tossing my keys to me. "Be back before dawn, have fun you guys." Liam laughs and I quickly follow him.  "Liam, please come me! I am going to need any army to deal with Louis and Harry drunk!" I said wining, trying to us Niall's methods of persuasion.  " I wasn't the one who agreed to go with Niall to the pub." Liam explains while sitting down on the leather couch I had been sitting on.  "Zayn, let's go!" Louis says while popping head in the room from the front door. I go to respond to him, but my phone vibrating captures my attention. I pull out the sleek black iPhone 5, that Liam had gotten me for Christmas a few months ago.  "Hello?" I ask while having Louis pulling on my free arm to try and get me moving.  "Zayn, oh thank God you didn't change your number." I hear someone panic as they try to find their breath.  "Um, do I know you?" I ask completely terrified that a fan might have found my number. "Zayn, Jennifer she's been kidnapped." The voice cries into the phone, and I instantly recongize the voice I haven't heard in over two years.  "Havyen?"  

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