Kidnapped to Save the Kidnapped

I hate writing intros, but ill try anyway. MEET Jennifer and Hayven. Two of the richest girls in Bradford. Now before you ask, yes Zayn Malik is, i mean was, their bestie. What happens when the two girls go to the shoopping centre, but Jennifer, is mysteriously taken. Hayven does all she can to save her bestie, including kidnapping the boys of One Direction, to saw rhe kidnapped. Watch this story unfold full of love rombus', hate, and pure evil.


4. Meet Ya Halfway

Kidnapped To Save The Kidnapped

Chapter Four:

~Havyen’s POV~

“Yeah.” I said walking around the parking lot hoping to see Jennifer just walking around waiting to scare the shit out me, but I knew it was hopeless. I had received a text from Jen’s phone about an hour ago saying that she had been kidnapped and that if I called the police she would be killed. To say that the text scared me was an understatement, it made my mind go through the worst case scenarios in my mind and all of them ended with Jen either killed or tortured. I had a  wild imagination and right now that was the worst thing to have.

“What do you mean she was kidnapped, wait are you okay, where are you?” Zayn said throwing questions at me as I finally give up on my search and head towards Betsy Jennifer’s lovely named car.

“We were shopping and she stayed back at the mall, but when I came back she was gone and there was a text on my phone saying she was kidnapped. It also said that if I called the police then they would kill her.” I sobbed into the phone while climbing into Betsy and just sitting there with my phone in my horribly shaking hand.

"Havyen do you think you can meet me halfway between Bradford and London?" Zayn asked as I heard shuffling around in his end while a few shouts asking him where he's going.

"I can try." I said turning the car on and wiping all the tears off so I could see clearly. After agreeing with Zayn to meet up halfway and checking in every hour, I backed out of the parking lot my eyes still searching for Jennifer. My best friend was just kidnapped and her parents weren't even in the country. I suddenly remember about her parents and pull over to call them since I didn't trust myself  driving in my condition. I dial Jennifer's mum first and after a few rings she finally answers.

"Havyen! Thank god you called, it's Jennifer she's been kidnapped and her father refuses to pay the kidnappers. Oh god I didn't even ask about you! Are you okay? Were you kidnapped too! Do I need to call you parents as well. Hello!" Jennifer's mum ranted as I sat on the side of the road silently sobbing.

"I am okay, but Jennifer she's in danger. I am going to look for Zayn so he can help." I said my voice wavering at the end due to all the crying. 

"Zayn? Zayn Malik, you and Jennifer's old friend? Do you think he can help, oh god I hope he can help. Please Havyen help save my little girl, because her father is an inconsiderate asshole who refuses to save his own daughter. His own flesh and blood and he would let her be murdered." Jennifer's mum cries and I promise to do all I can to help she Jennifer. After a few minutes I finally up and start driving again to find Zayn. It was one of the longest drives I have ever had to take. It was only about other thirty minutes driving when my phone starting ringing and this time I didn’t bother pulling over to the side of the road.

“Hello?” I answered while placing my phone on speaking I could still use both hands to drive. There was a muffled scream after a bit of shuffling and suddenly my entire car was filled with Jennifer screaming out my name. “Jennifer! Jennifer I am coming to save you, don’t worry!” I scream at my phone hoping that she heard at least some of what I said.

“No! Havyen it’s not safe! Don’t come here they’ll get you too! Run, run as fast you can and get away!” She screamed before the line went silence and was only filled with the sounds of person breathing a bit heavily.

“Don’t listen to your friend, why don’t you come play with us?” A smooth deep voice asked as I start panicking and pressing the gas pedal further and further down. “Come on, I know you want to.” And that was the last thing that was said before the line finally went dead. By the time that I realize how fast I was going and the surroundings I was in it was too late. I could hear were the echoes of my screams along with the crunching and smashing of metal along with other people’s voice shouting at me. But out of all that there was only one voice that stood out over all of them, the same voice that fills my childhood memories.

“Havyen, stay calm you’re going to be okay. I am not letting either you or Jen get hurt I promise you that you will both be okay.” 

Author's Note: 

*On the side more sexy Niall cause's he's Irish...and I was born on a Irish Holiday(: and a random video to make your day ^.^* 

Oh look who actually updated...YES I AM SORRY! The last couple of weeks were completely hetic and I had absolutely no time to actually write. But this week I was off on spring break...which sadly has now come to an end..*sobs on Courtney's shoulder* 

C: Ew, Vic you're getting your snot all over my shirt. 

V: Sorry. *sniffles* 

C: It's fine just...this is gross continue with what you were saying...

Right...AS I WS SAYING! I was on spring break but starting Monday I go back to it's Courtney's turn to update OH! And my birthday is this Sunday!! SO EXICTED! I am turning 16! Yay! 

C: You're old. 

V: ...I know.. *sniffles* 

C: No more sobbing...

V: Go back to whatever you're doing in Mexcio (My Homeland) 





~Victoria(: (My author's note are so long...sorry) 

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