The Delinquents

Mia was a Delinquent. Everyone knew it, her brother, her best friend and even the whole town. But the one thing no one knew was how she never got caught, Mia had stolen everything and anything from toothbrushes to Lamborghini's, shes broken into the richest bank in California and still hasn't got caught. No one knows how she does it, but when she goes and does the worst thing yet the police catch her in the act. Mia's now being sent to the the infamous school for delinquents. Red Oak school for delinquents. But the one thing Mia is expecting the least to find is the one thing she does love.


1. The First day

I Mia Lucia Grey had finally been caught, after 3 years of stealing, street racing and everything else you could name I have done it. I'm now on my way to the infamous school for delinquents. If you were wondering why I did all these things I really don't know, I guess I find it fun. The adrenalin pumping through my veins when I get in trouble but I'm not really sure. It has kinda became a hobby now to think of it... You're probably think that's really stupid and to be honest it is but oh well.

Just as I was about to fall asleep we came to an abrupt stop in front of the ugliest school I have ever seen. It was made of red bricks with a big black gate all around the school with guards everywhere. The driver then came to my door and opened it " we're here" he said in a monotone voice then left again. I stepped out of the car and grabbed my suitcases and went up the guard at the gate. "what do you want" he asked "I don't know maybe I want to stand outside of this ugly ass school and enjoy the beautiful view" I said sarcasm dripping my every word. He then narrowed his eyes at me and glared "name" he demanded "Mia Grey" I said shortly making sure to make my words sweet just to annoy him. He looked at a sheet of papers then opened the gates. I walked by him without saying a word and made my way to the office which was the first room when you step into the school. I walked right into the office and found my way to the head masters office and slammed the door open making myself known to whoever was there. The room was normal sized with a large mahogany desk in the middle and two forest green plastic chairs sat in front of it and behind it sat a middle aged man who was losing the hair on the top of his head and could also used a shave. "Hi" I said happily while plopping myself into the very uncomfortable chairs and putting my feet up on the desk. He stared at me then said in a surprising calm tone "Get your feet off the desk. And tell me your name" He said with his lips sent in a firm line across his face. With a sigh I said "Mia Grey" He grabbed a file and looked through it, he then looked up at me with a surprised look and asked "You did all this in 3 years?" he asked shocked that someone so innocent looking as me could do such things "Yes" I said smirking at his expression. He then handed me my locker number,dorm number and schedule. I stood and left without another word and made my way to the dorms. 109, 110, and 111 finally I had been looking for this for like an hour. I took out my key and unlocked the door barging in I looked in there was a small living room with a small t.v. and a x-box thank god for the x-box i thought as I made my way to the bedroom inside there was two twin beds and a side table by each bed pretty boring I thought simply. I dropped my bags on the bed closest to the window and just as I turned around I banged into someone and fell flat on my ass. I looked up at a girl with pale skin and blonde hair and icy blue eyes staring down at me smiling as if I was the most amazing thing she has every seen. "HI! My names Lexi!" She said pulling me up and hugging me I was startled so I awkwardly hugged her back. "so whats your name?" she asked still smiling " Oh, umm I'm Mia Grey." she widened her eyes "The Mia Grey the one who..." I then cut her off and said "Yep that's me!" she looked taken aback then grabbed my hand and dragged me out the door "Me and you are gonna be best friends. Oh, I'm gonna show you around now" She dragged me all around the campus I wasn't really surprised at the size it was kinda big but I guess there's a lot of delinquents in California. We didn't talk much well I didn't she didn't stop talking. I was beginning to wonder why she was here she just seemed too happy to be a delinquent but then again people said that about me too, when they first met me. When we got back to our room I flopped down on my bed and lid there Lexi came and sat next to me. Finally I let my curiosity get the better of me and asked her "Why are you here anyway?" I said almost regretfully until she answered without hesitation "I stole a car.. oh and a bunch of other stuff, Diamond rings,Clothes oh and food. The best thing I stole was the chocolate cake, It was AMAZING!" I couldn't help it I bust out laughing I was even crying as she just sat there looking at me confused. Finally I sobered up enough to talk to her she then had a horror filled look on her face like she just killed someone "Do I have something on my face" she asked horrified that then sent me into another fit out laughing "You are hilarious!" I said smiling like a Cheshire cat she smiled at me then said "I'm going to bed." She said matter of factually then grabbed her pajamas and ran to the bathroom I then grabbed mine to, changed and lid down in the bed. Before long I was asleep.

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