The Delinquents

Mia was a Delinquent. Everyone knew it, her brother, her best friend and even the whole town. But the one thing no one knew was how she never got caught, Mia had stolen everything and anything from toothbrushes to Lamborghini's, shes broken into the richest bank in California and still hasn't got caught. No one knows how she does it, but when she goes and does the worst thing yet the police catch her in the act. Mia's now being sent to the the infamous school for delinquents. Red Oak school for delinquents. But the one thing Mia is expecting the least to find is the one thing she does love.


2. New People

I awoke to someone shaking my shoulder. I groaned and moments later they were gone again I sighed in contentment and began to drift off again when I got hit by icy cold water. I jumped out of bed so fast I was surprised I didn't get whiplash. I looked up at Lexi with a furious expression "WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT?!?" I screamed at her. Did I forget to mention I am really grumpy in the mornings... "It's time for school" she said cheerily then skipped off somewhere. I swear I think she is on some kind of happy pill. I then picked out my clothes for the day which consist of pale blue high waited short shorts and a small brown belt with a purple off the shoulder top and my black converse. I then ran to the bathroom to shower.

When I got out I applied a little black eyeliner and mascara around my bright emerald eyes and left my dark brown hair down to air dry. I walked out of the bathroom to find Lexi sitting on the bed waiting for me, she was wearing white skinny jeans with rips in them and a bright pink top that said cool story bro tell it again, I laughed at it and she smiled and grabbed my arm again. It was deja vu as we walked through the halls "I can walk beside you, you don't have to hold my arm" I chuckled. She let go of my arm and began to ask me for my schedule. I handed it to her and she frowned but then smiled again " We have the last two periods together and lunch, so you can sit with me! Oh, and I'll walk with you to the first since it's right next to my class!" I smiled at her just as the bell rang Shit I thought now everyone's gonna be starring at me when I come in... "Bye, See you later!" Lexi squealed at me as she ran off to her class across the hall. I took a deep breath then walked in. I wasn't really nervous that people were gonna be starring at me I just found it kinda annoying. As I stepped in all eyes turned to me as I walked in confidently "Hi, I'm new here" I said then turned to the teacher as he stuck out his hand for my schedule I'm guessing I handed it to him and he nodded at me and said "Take a seat" I did as told and sat in the only seat which was next to a boy who was huge. He had golden blonde hair and dark brown almost black eyes with huge bulging muscles with a white t-shirt over them which you could see his six-pack through and black jeans and a black leather jacket. When I made my way back up to his face he was smirking at me then said "like what you see?" he asked cockily "no not really, seen better." I said smirking also he then said "well I sure like what I see" he said letting his eyes roam freely over my body. I sat next to him without another word. "I'm Cole, and you are?" I thought about telling him a fake name but decided against it, they'll find out my name sometime. "Mia" I answered him. "ahh Mia Grey?" he asked "That would be me. Seems everyone knows me but I don't know anyone." I said with a scowl on my face as I starred at the teacher pretending to pay attention "Well, I guess that's true" he said then looked as though he was thinking about something then turned back to me and asked "Do you wanna sit with me and my friends at lunch?" I thought about it then remembered that I was going to sit with Lexi "Can't" I said shortly "And why is that" he asked almost angry someone rejected his invitation. Someone can't handle rejection even if it is just to sit with them for lunch. "I already have someone to sit with" he then turned back to the teacher again.

The other classes passed by rather fast and by the time lunch came I was tired and hungry so I set out to look for Lexi just as I turned the first corner I banged into someone I looked in front of me and there was Lexi sitting on the floor just like me we took one look at each other and started to laugh we both stood up. "I was just going to look for you" I said walking next to her she laughed and continued walking to the line when it was my turn to order I got a burger, chocolate milkshake, large fries and a piece of cake. When I turned around to follow Lexi she was standing there wide eyed looking at my food "You eat all that?!?!" she asked astonished I shrugged "Yeah I why? It's not that much." I said then looked up at her she looked me over and said "You stay that skinny while eating all that?" she said not believing me "Yep" I said popping the p and walking up beside her "Where do you sit?" I asked. I could already point out the different groups, Popular, emos, and loners. She pointed at the middle of the room were about 15 boys and 8 or 9 girls sat. The popular group i sighed and followed her anyway. "Hi guys! This is Mia, my new room mate!" she said then we both sat down beside each other I looked around thee table the guys were looking at me with lust filled gazes while most of the girls were glaring beside one. She had bright red hair and big brown eyes she smiled at me and said "Hi, I'm Kelsey but you can call me Kels" "Everyone else does" she added as a after thought. The guy who was sitting next to me grabbed my leg and said "I'm Alex and you can call me anytime. For anything you want." he said with a wink.Ha Ha I thought as I decided my next move I moved on to his lap and straddled him. I wrapped my arms around his neck and bent my head to his neck as he placed his hands firmly on my waist I lent in and whispered "You know what I want you to do?" "no,what" he half whispered half moaned out " I want you to Fuck Off." I said and climbed off of him and smirked at him. He looked shocked at first but recovered and feigned hurt as he put his hand to his chest and pretended to cry. I laughed at him and turned back to the table who looked just as shocked as the Alex did first." okay.... well then ahh w-w-well this is Jack" Lexi said pointing across from me who looked surprisingly like Cole "Hi" I said to him he smiled and winked. Typical male I thought laughing to myself. Then before anyone else could speak someone came next to me and sat down. I looked over and no other than Cole sat there with the biggest grin on his face I have ever seen. I smiled back awkwardly "Hi Cole.." I said.He smiled at me and slung his arm across my shoulders. I hit his arm off glaring at him as I did so. He chuckled and continued with the introductions. By the end of them I was tired even though I hadn't listened at all, and I wouldn't remember any of their names. "Why are you here anyway?" the slut of the group I'm guessing asked "I......." I began ready to tell them. When the hottest guy I have ever seen walked up to the table looking like he was going to kill someone. He looks really hot mad I thought to myself shamelessly. He had a body that must have been sculpted by the gods, he had bright blue eyes and dark brown hair. He also had a lip ring, oh the things I could do with that lip ring I thought before cutting off my thoughts. I couldn't be thinking like this after what had happened..... "Move he said to the girl next to Cole. She looked terrified as she jumped out of the seat and ran off as if her life depended on it. I chuckled, all eyes snapped to me as I sat there starring at them with a confused look on my face "what?" I asked to no one in particular. Most people were starring at me like I had 10832498 heads. "Who are you?" the guy who just came up to the table asked rather rudely. 'Wouldn't you like to know" I said snottily glaring at him. Everyone was still staring at me as if the were scared for my life or something. "I would actually. So tell me....NOW!" he demanded "Ha ha rather not" I said quite amused with the conversation, as I began to eat my burger. Before I knew what was happening I was pushed over and being held by shoulders tightly. "WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?" He screamed in my face as I sat there with a blank face. "Um not really sure....well I just don't want to tell you." I replied unfazed by the way you could see how angry he was at my remarks. He was all red in the face and he looked like he was about to hit me. Just as I was about to speak again he lifted me up and threw me over his shoulder as he walked out of the cafeteria. Then continued out of the school....

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