is this more than a love triangle?

Its mostly about me,harry,and liam Iknew harry for a long time but at first I'm in to liam but when stuff starts to happen I start to like harry again but what would happen when my boyfriend gets in touch with me again after people think that I'm dating harry and liam??????


2. ch.2 lunch with harry.

Me and harry are at a table and is sipping tea as we wait for the waiter to give us our food."so harry how's life being in one direction?" I ask him as I brake the silence and harry looks at me with a smile."oh its fine and i told the boys that after lunch with you we could go to the studio so you can meet them all". Harry tells me as I get a big smile."omg I'm going to meet all of the lads and liam payne!" I say in my head as I just look at harry,get up,and then give him a hug."thanks so much barry" I tell him as I smile."you still call me that?" Harry laughs as he smiles back. " here's your food" the wait says to me and harry."thanks" harry says. "Thank you" I say to the waiter as she walks away and me and harry just catch up and talk for a while.
(30 min later......)
Harry is now done with his food wow he eats fast but I bet not faster then nial."hmmm......." harry says as I just eat my food and then stop."I'm sorry I'm sorry harry I eat so slow!" I say to him."no,no,no take your time lovely I can wait." Harry tells me as I just smile at him and continue my food."I'm full harry we can go now..." I tell harry as he looks up at me."alright let's go" harry says to me." And we shall" I say to harry as we both laugh.harry puts on a black jacket,black hat, and glasses its alittle funny because he can never cover all his curls."what's wrong harry?" I ask him as he puts his phone in his pocket."oh nothing really I just don't want all the fans to chase after me...." harry says as we walk towards the car." Oh of course you big famous person" I tell harry as we laugh again.harry opens the car door for me." Ladys first" harry says then winks I go into the car and harry shuts it as he walks around to the other side of the car and get in as well.Ilean into turn on the radio and kiss you is playing in the car as me and harry sings it together."wow I'm going to meet the lads and I can't wait....and....liam...I hope he will like he because I'm in love with him" I say in my head as the car starts to move."here we go" harry says as i smile at him and put on my 1d glasses.
(End of ch.2)
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