is this more than a love triangle?

Its mostly about me,harry,and liam Iknew harry for a long time but at first I'm in to liam but when stuff starts to happen I start to like harry again but what would happen when my boyfriend gets in touch with me again after people think that I'm dating harry and liam??????


1. ch.1:i remember you!

Hey my name is cateria and I'm just a normal girl.about 8 or 9 years ago I went to school with no other than harry styles from one and harry was good friends from kindergarden all the way up to about high school when he said he's in a band or some thing then that's when we stoped hanging around and we really don't hang around now because well of course because in one direction but it would be nice if he came to visit me or some thing....
(One week later......,summer vacation)
I sit on the couch and I'm just watching a one direction interview that boy liam payne he is so dreamy to me and he's so cute. Also harry did a lot of growing up in the phone rings as Iook at says unknow name....I answer it."hello..?" I say as my phone is on speaker cause I'm in my house alone."hey cateria long time no see eh?" I hear a lovely british accent say as I know for sure that its harry of course."hey harry I sure miss ya!" I say to harry with a smile on my face."ah just like 4th grade always yelling when you talk ahahahaha harry!" Harry says to me as I roll my eyes."hmm harry always teasing huh?" I say and harry just laughs."why did you call harry..your so famous and what ever...." I say as I wait for him to respond."well would you want to go out for lunch tomorrow because I'm not in the u.s. any more I'm now back in london...and I wanted to see you again..." harry. Says to me as I feel speechless." can't wait harry".I tell him with an even bigger smile."alright see ya tomorrow and text me your address and also be ready by 12:30" harry says and he hangs up.
(Tomorrow at 12:34)
I am changed and wearing shorts,1d shirt,and my new 1d glasses that I brought. " I lay my head down on the couch and close my eyes as I run my hand though my hair."knock,knock,knock" Ihear the door as I open my eyes and rubbing them as I'm going to open the door."what's wrong sleeping beauty?" I hear harry say as I look up. "Harry!" I say to him as I hug him.I remember that on time when we hugs like this when I told harry that he was my first true love and we had our first kiss....that was wow."hey cateria sorry I haven't been with you or anything and in a way ditched you you kind of the end of middle school..." harry tells me but I was yeh of course upset but if it wasn't for him being in the first band back then....well then there really wouldn't even be a one direction...the best boy band ever...and I'm not even mad about it anyway more in a way...I'm glad."its ok harry as long as you remember me then its ok I'm so happy now that your here...its alright harry." I say to harry as he smile."thanks let's go out for some lunch today". Harry says as me and him are holding hands and we walk out the house and I close and lock the door.
(End of ch.1)
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