The Other Life ( Sequel of The Other One)

I have lived two lives. The first life I lived was in the Orphanage of angles and I was known as 01480 (or Willow). The other life was what I have been prepared for and I was named Mia. Then everything went wrong. Now, Jack and I must face a life on the streets as we experience this new life.


4. The Sky Blue Room

Hello, this chapter is the next part of chapter 9 The Voice From The Bed from the first book- The Other One. Of course, it is still set in this book but I would suggest that you read the chapter from The Other One again to refresh your memory. Sorry it's short!

Awesomeness36912 :)


"So, have you found the girl yet?" The voice from the bed said. "I'm starting to age rather rapidly and at this rate, I'll be no more."

" Yes about that, we have found the location of the girl. " The man replied.

" You have?"

" Last evening, we sent a wave of energy to the girl's mind which has let us pin point her location. I'm sure that the team that we have sent out should find her in no time." The man said, with a derranged smile on his mouth.
A small, maddening laughter emrged from inside the bed.
" Yay! I can't wait to see her! I can't wait! I can't wait! She will be mine!" The thing exclaimed.

The man walked away towards the door and as soon as it shut with a click, there was only silence. The only sound that could be heard was the gentle ticking of a faraway clock. Then, the voice spoke.
" I'll find you. 01480."

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