The Other Life ( Sequel of The Other One)

I have lived two lives. The first life I lived was in the Orphanage of angles and I was known as 01480 (or Willow). The other life was what I have been prepared for and I was named Mia. Then everything went wrong. Now, Jack and I must face a life on the streets as we experience this new life.


2. Madame Louhi

Quickly but quietly, Jack and I made our way down a seedy, dark alley  to reach the woman named Madame Louhi.
" Who is she- uh- Madame Loi or whatever?" I asked curiously.
" Madame Louhi. I heard about her when I was living with the Parkers. They sent me out to buy some groceries but I got lost. I found her house and I went in, hoping she could tell me where I was. She was a very kind woman but she turned out to be a sorceress." Jack replied.
" A sorceress?!" I exclaimed.
" I know, I was suprised too when I heard. At first I didn't believe her but she then showed me some of her magic abilities. She told me that most people would call her a freak and run off but she was suprised that I didn't. She then told me that when ever I was in danger, I should go to her for help." Jack explained.

Eventually we arrived at this miniscule house that seemed terribly looked after on the outside. Jack walked up to the fragile door and knocked it gently. The door opened with a huge swing by the most facinating woman that I have ever seen! The woman had hair as black as the night which almost reached the floor. It was tied in a neat braid with beautiful beads. She wore a fine silk dress; the colour of rubies with long velvet gloves. Around her neck was a gold necklace with a shining ruby in the centre which glittered in a mystical way. On her ears, were huge elaborate earings that clanged gently when she moved. Over all, she was very beautiful.

When she saw Jack's face, her face lifted like the sun and said joyfully:
"Jack; it is a pleasure to see you and I've noticed that you have brought a young woman with you." she said teasingly.
Jack's cheeks blushed as red as her dress which made her laugh. It's like they've been friends forever.
" Would you like to come in? I have just made some warm chicken soup; you can have some if you want." she said kindly.
I gasped in shock when I walked into the only room available. I take back what I said before; her house was very well looked after. Every corner in her room was filled with books and ordaments; she even had more than Mia's room! Most of the books seemed tatty but that was probaably because she used them so often. Even through the room  seemed cluttered with many items, the room was still moderatly tidy. In the centre of the room, stood a table with a huge cauldron of soup. After a while of gazing at Madame Louhi's marvellous living room, she called Jack and I to the table to eat.

After a few mouthfulls of chicken soup, Jack began to explain to Madame Louhi our arrival to her house.
" We need you're help Madame Louhi. I'm not sure when, but some inspectors will soon be tracking us two down as we escaped from our families. We can't let that happen. So I was wondering, could you put a glamour on us so our apperances will change."

" Of course, my dear. I will do anything for a friend but I'll need to get ready first but you may have a wonder if you like." Madame Louhi replied.

After we finished eating, we helped madame Louhi clean up and we left her to prepare for our glamour. We ambled over to the bookshelf to busy ourselves by reading. I chose a random red book about spells; at first it was a bit tedious but I eventually got into it. A few minutes past and a call from Madame Louhi startled me from the spell book.

In front of her was a ring of glass bottles full of strange objects; some of them seemed unknown to me. Around those bottles was a ring of candles that flickered gently. She asked us to cut of a strand of hair to complete the spell. We then had to sit very still in the centre of the circle; the last step was for us to hold another huge candle while closing our eyes. SUddenly, the atmosphere changed around us; as if time has stopped from within the circle. Madame Louhi began to chant in a slow, gentle way.


capillus oculos capillus oculos

vivit, erit mutare
permiserint vetus ipsorum praevidimus, amitteretur profundus intus
sintque earum novorum viventium venire ou


I felt a strange energy come over me which prickled all over my skin. The energy also seemed to create a low hum that blared out in all directions which made my muscles tighten from the peculiar sound. Unexpectedly, the candles blew out all at once so all that was left were small whisps of smoke. Madame Louhi looked at us with delight and gave us a mirror so we could see our new reflections. My hair was now a dark, curly red which was tied up in neat bunches. my eyes were now a lovely grass green. Jack's blonde hair had turned into a very dark brown which was now thich and slightly wavy. It suited him. His eyes had now changed to a pale blue. We were both very pleased with our new looks.

We thanked her again for her help as we made our way towards the door. Before we stepped out into the glorious sunshine she told us:
" Promise me that you won't be strangers. Always feel free to come visit it me from time to time."

We both smiled back and gave our final goodbyes. It felt good to feel the fresh air again. However, we both didn't really know what to do after taht so we made our way back to the willow tree. We mainly just sat against the bark; listening to the wildlife surrounding us. When the sun began to move down the horizon I closed my eyes from the fatigue of today. I then felt a gentle kiss on my forehead which let me sleep at ease.


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